15 Ways to Tell if You’re a Camping Addict

Addicted to Camping? Find Out Now.

15 Signs You Just Might be Addicted to Camping

Do you live, sleep, and breathe being outdoors and sleeping under the stars? Then you might be addicted to camping!

Some of us just can’t get enough of camping and RVing. If we could, we’d spend all of our time outside. You probably feel the same.

In fact, you likely already know you’re obsessed with camping. But it’s nice to know that there are others out there who feel the same way you do.

Check out this list. If you find that most of these signs apply to you, you are probably addicted to camping!


Mugs of coffee over campfire. Coffee for camping lovers.

1. You Cook Every Meal Over a Campfire

For you, the taste of flame-grilled, open air cooking is a must. There’s just something about a meal that’s been cooked over the campfire that really does it for you.

When you’re addicted to camping, you don’t need any fancy kitchen appliances unless it’s new cooking gear for camping.


2. Most of Your Dates Involve Camping or Outdoor Activities

Whether you’ve been married for the long haul or are still looking for your special someone, you truly believe that camping is the best way to get to know someone.

In fact, you couldn’t imagine being with someone who doesn’t like to go camping. There’s nothing more romantic than spending time together under the stars, just you and nature.

Those who camp together stay together, right?

Make sure you follow these romantic camping tips for couples to get the most out of your time together.


3. You Have More Camping Clothes Than Regular Clothes

The amount of camping clothes you have is spewing out of its drawer. You might even have an entire dresser dedicated to camping clothes.

But you still feel like you can never really have enough, and that’s why you’re always looking out for the latest and greatest outdoors wear.

It’s always a good idea to keep your specialty clothing separate from your everyday clothing so you always know where it is when it’s time to get packing- and so you don’t accidentally wear your bug repellent shirts to work.


Tents at a campsite by the lake. If you go camping a lot you probably have lots of tents.

4. There Are More Tents Than People in Your Household

Multiple tents are just necessary for different occasions or accommodations. You’ve got your kitchen tents, single person tents for solo camping trips, large tents when you take the whole family along… you get it.

You’re also probably the go-to friend for those who don’t camp regularly and are looking to borrow a tent. It’s fun to encourage others to go camping, no matter how they get there.


5. All of Your Vacations Involve a Tent or RV

Every vacation you take involves camping and RVing. You can’t imagine staying in a hotel when you could be sleeping outside in the great outdoors. In fact, you can’t remember the last time you didn’t sleep in a tent or RV.

You never fly anywhere because you don’t trust the airlines with your camping gear- and it’s much too expensive to check your kayak anyway.

Plus, there’s just something more satisfying to you about hitting the open road and driving through cities and towns. You never know what you might find along the way.


6. In Fact, You Won’t go Anywhere Unless You Can Camp There

All of your vacations, whether it’s with your family or just on your own, involve going camping and RVing. You don’t go anywhere unless you can go camping while you’re there.

You only go to tourist attractions you can camp near. You’ve been to tons of amusement parks- and their nearby campgrounds.

Camping instead of staying in a hotel is a more affordable option and just makes sense for your budget, especially when you’re bringing the whole family along.


Back of car filled with camping equipment. Ready to go camping at any time.

7. You Own a Sleeping Bag For Every Weather Condition

This is basic camping sense. You love to go camping in any type of weather, so it’s natural that you would make sure you have a variety of sleeping bags on hand.

You can’t use a lighter sleeping bag for winter camping, just like you couldn’t use a thicker winter sleeping bag in the middle of July. Additionally, you couldn’t bring a full size sleeping bag on a backpacking trip in the wilderness.

And everyone has their own preferences as far as material, weight, and size go, so it’s best to keep the options open.


8. There’s a Hammock in Your House- or Backyard

If you prefer sitting in a hammock over any type of chair, that’s a sure sign you can’t get enough of being outside. You’ve probably got one set up either inside or outside your home so you can always access one when you get that hankering to lounge.

Hammocks are super comfortable and fun- and the perfect place to take a nap, wherever you might be.


9. For Gifts, All You Ever Ask For is New Camping Gear

It’s gotten to the point where no one even needs to ask you what you want for Christmas, your birthday, Father’s or Mother’s Day, or any other gift-giving holiday. You always ask for camping gear, and you’re always up to date on the year’s hottest gadgets.

This makes you a great person to buy for. When in doubt, you’d love a gift card to your favorite outdoors store!


Backpack with camping equipment. People who are addicted to camping love buying cool new gadgets.

10. You Can Never Just Buy One Thing From The Camping Goods Store

For anyone with a specific interest, this is an all-too-common problem.

You go in for one thing, and then you come out with 10 more things. Sometimes you forget what you came for in the first place.

When you go to the camping goods store, you always factor in more time for browsing. You know that going in and out just isn’t going to happen, so you never go when you’re in a rush, and always prepare to spend more than expected.


11. Campfire Smoke is Your Favorite Cologne/Perfume

You are constantly camping or having campfires in the backyard, and you seem to always have a lingering smell of campfire smoke on your clothing. So much so that it’s become your signature scent.

The smell of a campfire is also comforting to you- you just can’t get enough of it. You’ll take a backyard campfire over going out on the town any day.


12. You Set Reminders to Book Campsites and Update Permits

Your calendar is constantly filled with reminders to update your fishing and boating licenses or book your favorite campsite ahead of time. In fact, you keep track of every single expiry date and make sure everything is renewed well in advance.

This way, nothing runs out unexpectedly and you’re always up to date when you make an impromptu trip.


Family outside their RV enjoying going camping and RVing.

13. You’re Constantly Rearranging Your Garage to Fit Your Camping Gear

What was once a small pile of tents, sleeping bags, and camping equipment has now begun to take over your garage or storage shed.

Some days you can’t even get your car into your garage because of your pile of camping gear.

If you’re a diehard camping lover, you likely deal with this problem every time you buy more equipment and attempt to find a spot for it.


14. You Belong to a Rewards Program- and Actually Get Rewards Back

For many people, signing up for a store’s rewards program never actually pans out because you have to spend a lot before you get anything in return. But you spend so much in your outdoors store on a regular basis that you actually get a lot of rewards back.


15. The Obsession is Growing on Your Kids and Grandkids

You’re slowly making sure that your love of camping is spreading to your children and grandchildren. No family of yours is going to skip the camping trips!

It doesn’t matter how little the kids are. They already know how to pitch a tent and get the sleeping bag back into its bag.

And they love camping so much, their toys at home are camping related, too!


Couple relaxing at the campsite. Ready to go camping? We know we are.

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