Authorities Make Off Grid RV Camping Illegal

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How Banning Off Grid RV Camping Affects RV-ers and Campers

Living off the grid is a way of life that more than 180,000 people in the United States enjoy, and that number has been on the rise as people become more environmentally conscious. Using alternative forms of electricity and not hooking into local utilities can be desireable for several reasons, including financial benefit. However, quite recently zoning officials have begun to make off grid RV camping more and more difficult.

Off Grid RV Camping, Costilla County

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As zoning laws have become increasingly more difficult for those wishing to live off the grid, many seeking to continue this way of life have moved to the southwestern United States.

Costilla County, Colorado has seen a steady incline in off the grid residents. Due to their rather lax zoning regulations in addition to the cheap property and already established off the grid community many new residents have been making this county their home.

Recent changes to zoning regulations in this county are threatening to end the off the grid way of life for local residents. One of the major issues of debate in a recent county commissioners’ meeting was the choice to ban camping on your own property.

The county has started refusing renewals on camping permits which allow residents living in RV’s and other camp style homes to live this way.

What the Locals are Saying About Off Grid RV Camping

County officials are disputing any claims that they are trying to regulate the off the grid way of life out of existence. Under existing code these officials do have the discretion to deny camping permits.

Officials are claiming that too many new residents were habitually renewing permits which were intended to be temporary.

The issues being faced in this county by off grid residents are not just specific to that area. In fact many state and local regulations are making it increasingly difficult for people wishing to live this way.

While there may be issues that need to be addressed with the residents, it does seem that local government is using technicalities in current regulations to their own benefit.


Recently in Costilla County, Colorado local authorities have shelved their plan to regulate building permits for off the grid residents. No reason was given as to the local authorities change in heart, but the action did follow a number of media stories.

This is a victory for off the grid residents in the area, as local authorities feel that the county’s existing code is sufficient enough to handle the situation.

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