Ivy, Oak, and Sumac: Your Guide to Common Poisonous Plants

Common poisonous plants and how to identify them.

Common Poisonous Plants: Identification, Treatment, and Safety Tips It’s more than just a Boy or Girl Scout badge. Knowing how to identify common poisonous plants can potentially save your life. The last thing you want to do is have your camping trip ruined by poison ivy. Sometimes we don’t know how we’ll react to something …

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13 No-Hassle Camping Breakfast Ideas Your Whole Family Will Love


13 Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas For Your Next Trip Who doesn’t love breakfast? Waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs in the morning, or even just that first whiff of coffee brewing…but it doesn’t always have to be the same. How about some new camping breakfast ideas that will really get you out …

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Make the Past Come Alive on These 7 Historical Camping Road Trips


7 Historical Places in America to Check Out on Your Next RV Road Trip Attention all history buffs! Want to camp in one of the most historical places in America? Maybe you’d like to travel a historic road trip route in your RV. Or maybe you’d like to pitch your tent within view of a …

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9 Health Benefits of Camping Everyone Should Know About


This is Your Brain on Nature: 9 Health Benefits of Camping Everyone Should Know We all know how fun it can be to wake up in the great outdoors or let the campfire warm our faces, but did you know that there are tons of great health benefits of camping? As if you needed an …

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Portaging Tips For The Best Camping and Canoeing in the USA


Portaging 101: Everything You Need to Know About Camping and Canoeing Camping and canoeing go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can have one without the other, but there’s just something better about both. Canoeing is an amazing way to take in the sights of parks, rivers, lakes, and other outdoor landscapes. It’s a …

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