10 Glamping Gift Ideas to Add to Your Holiday List

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the glamper in your life?

Well look no further, because we are here to help.

Glamping has become a growing phenomenon amongst vacation goers today. While some specialized “glamping” parks cost an upwards of $2,000 a night, you can still partake in this lifestyle without the hefty price tag. The idea of taking traditional camping up a notch has sparked a marketplace full of innovative gears and gadgets to help glamourize the wilderness experience.

Since we have officially entered the holiday season, here are 10 gift idea for those who prefer the luxury of 5 stars while lying still under the stars.

Bell Tent

It’s time to part ways with your family’s fourth generation heirloom tent, and glamp up to the modern world. These waterproof, cotton bell tents scream luxury with the elegant architectural design. Not too mention these tents increase practicality within their extreme lightweight, quick set up time and maneuverability.

Bell tent set up for glamping

Portable Water Heater/Shower

The idea of taking a hot shower in the wilderness seems almost too good to be true.
Say goodbye to cold lake baths that leave soap rinds in your hair because you’re too frozen to dunk underwater and hello to hot water with a detachable showerhead. These portable water heaters/shower will have you feeling you second-guessing if you’re really outside in nature.

Portable shower and water heater attached to fence

Pop up Shower and Changing Room 

This glamping gift idea goes hand in hand with the portable water heater/shower. While the camping atmosphere is wild and free, you don’t necessarily have to be. Acting as an addition to your tent, the privacy of this pop up shower and change room goes a long way. No more hunching in the tent trying to change in a confined space, you can finally enjoy a designated spot to glam yourself up.

Pop up shower and change room

Portable Toilet

A portable toilet is an essential for the glamper. Saving the walk to the nearest park bathroom is a luxury in itself. The hygienic design of this eco-friendly toilet ensures no physical contact with the waste. The product is equipped with a biodegradable kit and the tripod design also makes for easy, lightweight transportation.

Portable toilet set up outside tent

Outdoor Portable Movie Screen

Imagine cozying up at night and watching a movie on the big screen with a sky full of stars in the background. While a projector is needed to complete this dream scenario, this glamping gift idea is perfect for the entertainment and tech savvy glamper.

Family watching movie outside on projector

Portable Hammock

Enjoy the luxury of relaxing in the wilderness with this lightweight, easy to set up, portable hammock. This product will glamp up your campsite, taking the outdoor living experience to a whole new level.

People swinging in portable hammock

LED Colour-Changing Inflatable Lights

This glamping gift idea is perfect to groove up your campsite. Not to mention, they’re eco friendly, and are LED powered with a lasting battery life of up to 6 hours. These lanterns are also collapsible and compact, making the perfect travel accessory.

Lights to brighten your glamping site

Tea Light Chandelier

Create the perfect ambiance with this elegant tea light chandelier. This product is designed with a single hook to hang perfectly from the top of your bell tent. Perfect for cozying up at night, giving the tent a romantic feel.

Chandelier made out of tea lights

Flask Light Flask 

Enjoy the most of outdoor living with a flashlight that doubles as a flask to hold your booze. This innovative product is the perfect fireside companion. The flask is made with glass infused aluminum to best preserve the taste of your beverage.

Flashlight that doubles as a flask


With this product, waking up to the smell of fresh air and the rich aroma of an espresso brewing can be a reality. This gift idea is perfect for the glamper who enjoys their daily fix of caffeine.

Men making their own espresso

The Next Steps

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