11 Rough and Rugged Holiday Gifts for Campers and RVers

Out of Ideas? Here are 11 of the Best Gifts for Campers and Outdoor Lovers

What do you get for someone who loves the outdoors and seems to have everything? Finding the right gifts for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and RVers can be challenging.

Camping gear and outdoor equipment can get super expensive and technical. And it’s hard to tell what outdoor gear and supplies they already have.

We’ve put together a list of foolproof must have camping gear that anyone could use. Make your holiday gift shopping a little easier this year with these fantastic ideas.

 The lifestraw. Must have camping gear for campers and hikers.

1. The Lifestraw

Every person should have a water source in their collection of outdoor gear. The Lifestraw is the perfect must have outdoor gadget for anyone, regardless of how often they camp.

It allows the user to drink purified water from any freshwater source by filtering the water as it goes through the straw. The technology used in the straw can eliminate up to 99.9999% of bacteria in the water.

This is an affordable, fun gift that anyone could use. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or traveling, you never know when you’ll need water.

 Wine holder for camp chair. The best outdoor equipment for wine lovers.

2. Wine Glass Holder for Your Camp Chair

This wine glass holder, available on Etsy, clips onto your camp chair to hold your wine glass.

It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the wine loving camper in your life. They don’t even need to be camping to use it. Whether you’re sitting around the fire, at a backyard barbecue, or at an event, they’ll be prepared to enjoy their wine in a glass, like it’s supposed to be.

 Silicone wine glasses. Perfect outdoor gear for wine lovers.

3. Silicone Wine Glasses

Here’s another one for those wine loving campers you know. These silicone wine glasses are unbreakable, bendable, and easy to pack away.

It’s essential to have non-breakable outdoor equipment for your camp kitchen in order to preserve your campsite. So this is the perfect solution.

They’re great for enjoying a glass of wine around the campfire without having to put your wine in a red solo cup.

 Inflatable lounge chair. The best outdoor equipment for easy relaxation.

4. The Inflatable Air Lounger

You’ve probably seen these on television before. It folds up into a bag until you want to use it, and then all you need to do is wave it around to fill it with air.

These inflatable air loungers are affordable, and super fun for anyone. Your lucky friend or family member will be able to use it just about anywhere.

 The bullet light. The perfect outdoor gear that fits on a keychain.

5. The Bullet Light

The Bullet is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone in your life who enjoys the outdoors.

It’s the world’s smallest flashlight, and it clips right onto a keychain. It weighs just 6 grams, so they won’t even feel it hanging there. The small size comes in handy when you’re hiking or heading to the washroom in the dark.

It’s also super durable, which means they can use it wherever they are. The best part is that it’s only $10!

 The Stakelight tent peg system. Must have camping gifts for safety.

6. The Stakelight

Get the camping lover a set of these Stakelights and their campsite will instantly become safer and brighter. These tent pegs are equipped with an LED light so campers will always be able to see where their guy lines are.

Campers will never trip over their tent wires again with this handy tool. They’ll also be able to see better at night thanks to the bright illumination.

Keep them safe and bright on all their camping trips. You can buy them in singles, doubles, and four packs for all of your needs.

 Inflatable solar lantern. Perfect gift for campers and RVers.

7. Inflatable Solar Light

If you’ve got an outdoorsy friend who’s really environmentally conscious, this is the perfect gift. This inflatable solar light doesn’t need any batteries and relies on solar power only. All you have to do is leave it in direct sunlight for 7 hours, and it’ll be good to provide light for 12 hours.

It’s also waterproof, collapsible, and super easy to transport.

 Wearable sleeping bag. Must have camping gift for movie lovers.

8. Wearable Sleeping Bags

These are just fun for anyone! Wearable sleeping bags are essentially just like big snowsuits made of sleeping bag material. They’re like the camping version of a onesie, so you can take your sleeping bag anywhere you go.

They come in tons of different patterns, themes, and colors. You can even get Star Wars and superhero themed ones. So you know you’ll find the perfect one for any taste.

 Portable espresso maker. Best outdoor gear for coffee lovers.

9. The Minipresso

For those campers and RVers who just love their espresso or coffee, this is the perfect gift. The Minipresso is a portable espresso maker that can go virtually anywhere with you.

The ground coffee or espresso is kept in the bottom of the container, ready to use whenever you want it. When you want it, you just add hot water and pump the piston until your brew is ready.

If your recipient has a Nespresso coffee machine, some of the Minipresso models work with those discs as well.

 Portable Camping Oven. Must have camping oven for campers who love to cook.

10. The Coleman Camp Oven

Some of us enjoy bringing the comforts of home to our campsite, especially when we’re tent camping. The Coleman Camp Oven is an affordable solution for this need.

It can bake treats, cook food, or even keep food warm while you’re out enjoying some fun activities.

This oven uses the same fuel as camp stoves, and can be folded down for convenient storage. It’s the perfect gift for glampers.

 Portable solar charger. Best outdoor gear for charging wirelessly.

11. Solar Powered Charger

Anyone can benefit from a solar powered charger. They’re great to have, even if you aren’t camping. In an emergency, this is a great way to make sure your phone is charged.

There are also tons of brands and products out there to choose from, so check out your local department store for some ideas. Solar chargers also make perfect stocking stuffers!

 Best gifts for campers who love being outdoors.

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