Want to Turn Heads on the Campsite? Check out These 12 Unique Camping Tents

Unique Camping Tents for Awesome Camping Trips

Unique Camping Tents For Every Type of Camper

Tired of the same old boring camping tent you use every year? Then it’s time to try something new. Awesome and unique camping tents are available for every type of camper.

Today’s technology has brought us some really awesome and unique camping tent designs that are really out of the box.

Break away from the ordinary with these really cool tents. Whether you’re into hiking, boating, or road trips, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Even if you aren’t into camping, some of these tents are great for just relaxing in your backyard. Check out these awesome and unique camping tents- and let them inspire you for your next purchase.

12 Uniquely Awesome Camping Tents

1. The Bikamper

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If you really love cycling and camping, the Bikamper is the tent for you. It’s a one-person cycling tent that fits into a small travel bag that sits on your bike, complete with its own set of straps.

When you’re ready to use the tent, unpack it and set it up using your bike as support. Instead of tent poles, you use the front wheel of your bike. It’s a personal shelter that doubles as a camping tent when you’re riding solo, perfect for long road trips.

This tent actually won the Red Dot Design Award in 2005 for its innovative design and structure.

2. Rooftop Tent

The Roof Top Tent. Cool camping tents.

This tent is perfect for camping road trips and backwoods camping. If you can’t find a rest stop, just set up your tent wherever you decide to stop.

The rooftop tent sits on the roof of your car, anchored to the ground beside the vehicle. It sits on the top of your car while you’re driving, folded up neatly with the bedding inside.

This unique camping tent lets you sleep right above your car, with the comfort of knowing your valuables will be safe right below you. You can also keep your stuff close by because there are tons of pockets and compartments in the tent itself.

If you’re camping as a couple or with a small group, this tent does sleep 2 to 3 people comfortably.

3. The JakPak

The Jackpak. Best for hiking, and awesome camping trips.

This is the perfect camping tent for anyone who is a hiking enthusiast. It’s a jacket that’s also a tent… and a sleeping bag.

The jakpak stores the actual tent part in a velcro pack on the back of the jacket. You simply wear the jacket, and when it’s time to go to sleep, unfold it and then just zip it up and get to sleep.

Did we mention that the jakpak only weighs 3 pounds? While it might not be the most comfortable sleeping experience, those who go on long hikes and backpacking trips will appreciate this tent.

It would also work for portaging or canoe camping, since it’s so light and convenient. As an added bonus, the jacket is completely waterproof and has armpit ventilation.

4. The Nyamuk

Relax, hammock, hammock tent

This genius invention is a hybrid between a tent and a hammock. If you are one of those campers who spend the majority of their time relaxing, the Nyamuk has your name written on it.

Setup is completely easy- it’s just one pole and two straps to hang. Perfect for lazy days.

You can opt to put the tent cover over top or just leave the mosquito netting on, depending on how much privacy you have in your campsite. You don’t even need to be in a campsite for this one. You could pretty much use it anywhere, even your own backyard.

This is not a rugged, backwoods camping tent but it you could definitely use it to relax outdoors without worrying about being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

5. The Kahuna

Kahuna, boat tent, camping

This is the tent for boat lovers, or anyone who believes that they are secretly a mermaid. You can camp without leaving the water, minus the wet, pruney skin.

The Kahuna is a boat with a built in tent. You use your very own pedal power to propel it, but there is also a paddle, just in case your feet aren’t doing the job well enough.

The tent pulls out of the boat, and forms a camp bed in the process.

If you feel like getting out of the water for the night, the Kahuna is useful when you can’t find somewhere level or soft to pitch a tent because it’s always level.

It’s also pretty easy to maneuver around because it’s lightweight and made of natural fibers.

6. The 2 seconds easy tent, pop up tent, campng tent2 Seconds Easy Tent

Not only is this tent super easy to set up, but it’s also fun! To set up this tent, you simply throw it in the air.

This eliminates the common camping problems of dealing with tent poles and tripping over guy lines. It sleeps 2 people comfortably, and a third could probably be squeezed in as well.

When you’re done with it, the 2 Seconds Easy Tent just folds back into its case in about 15 seconds. It’s easy to store and convenient to use, and the price is reasonable compared to many other uniquely designed tents.

7. The Decagon

The Decagon is basically a tent village. It works by attaching individual tents together via the zippers to create a labyrinth of tents, all accessible by tuTent city, large tent, campingnnel.

All of the tents link to the “decagon link” in the center of the tent, which has 5 zippered openings to connect to. This would be your common gathering space.

The tents and structures come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and uses, so you can mix and match to create your own unique camping village. There’s even one that encloses the back of your vehicle, so you can access your trunk without leaving the safety of your tent.

8. The Treepee

Treepee, Treehouse tent, camping, swing tentIf you don’t care about having both feet on the ground, this tent is a floating option for you. It looks like a teepee, but acts like a cocoon.

You hang the triangular structure from any tree branch, as long as the branch is strong enough. Then it can swing around, or you can anchor it to the ground by 4 tethers if being stable is more your thing.

The Treepee doesn’t need to be simply a camping tent. Instead, it can be almost anything, including a treehouse or a place for the kids to play while they feel like they’re in mid-air.

9. Orange Solar Tent

Tent, tent camping, solar power, solar tent

This tent is a more eco-friendly option for those who are concerned about eliminating the energy they use on their campsite. It was a finalist in the 2010 Greener Gadgets Competition.

Solar technology powers everything in the tent, with a groundsheet heater included. This solar tent even has technology built in to charge all of your gadgets through a wireless control hub.

Unfortunately, it’s not available for sale yet, but this tent was created as a solution to make the Glastonbury music festival more eco-friendly by conserving energy and is still being developed.

10. Tentsile Tree Tent

Tree tent, suspended tent, hanging tent

The Tentsile Tree Tent is another hammock and tent hybrid, but this one is a little larger than the Nyamuk and is designed to be an overnight camping tent.

It’s a fully functioning tent that hangs suspended in the air, connected to nearby trees using three tethering straps. It holds 2 people comfortably, but it can support up to 880 pounds.

This tent allows for camping on any type of terrain, because it doesn’t matter what the ground is like. You’ll never have to deal with any rocks poking through the bottom of your tent again, and can pick any campsite you want.

11. Heimplanet Mavericks Inflatable Tent

Inflatable tent, easy tent, easy camping

This inflatable tent comes pre-assembled and you can set it up in seconds. Perfect for group camping trips, this tent sleeps up to 10 people in one place.

It’s built to withstand extreme weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about your tent getting destroyed in the wind or the rain.

While this is a truly awesome tent, it’s a little pricey, so you might want to check out a few different models before you make this kind of investment. This company makes some smaller models that sleep less people, which are better for casual camping trips.

12. A Personalized Tent

Custom tent, unique camping tent

Some companies, such as Field Candy, are now making personalized, customizable camping tents. You can get any design you want on your tent, or pick from a selection of images available.

You can even get your favorite television show on the tent, or a cool nature design to really blend in with your campsite.

A personalized tent is the most guaranteed way to have a unique camping tent just for you or your family. They make great gifts for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life, too.

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