6 Tips to Keep Predators Away from Your Campsite

How To Keep Predators Away From Your Campsite

How To Keep Predators Away From Your Campsite

Camping can be a magical experience. You get to connect with nature, get away from technology that may be causing you more stress, spend time with loved ones and basically just have some time to rest and relax.

However, wildlife can be one of the issues that keeps some people from going camping. Why is this? These wildlife species may be dangerous, depending on where you are camping. There is a reason that these are considered predators in nature.

The key is that you should not let these predators deter you from going camping. You will find that with the proper knowledge, you can keep them away from your campsite so that you are safe, and you are not endangering them.

While some creatures may be a danger to you, remember that you are in their world, so you can be as much of a danger to them.

That is why it is important when you are camping that you follow a few tips to help keep the predators away from you for your safety and theirs!

black bear in a lake in Canada. How To Keep Predators Away From Your Campsite.

1. Store Your Food Properly

One of the best ways to make sure that these animals aren’t invading your camp is to ensure that you are storing food properly. Food that is left out in the open is like welcoming these animals to come into your campsite.

While many animals are going to hunt for their food, why hunt when the food is readily available to them at your campsite?

For this reason, you are going to want to put food into coolers that are airtight. This way, the scent of food is not going to draw these animals into your campsite.

To make this even safer, you may want to put the cooler into your RV or your car to add an extra layer of air containment to the food.

The one thing to remember, do not keep food in your tent. This will draw animals to you, and they may even try to get into your cozy tent with you!

Have Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

Many campsites provide a place to throw trash. However, even then you should still bring your own garbage bags. Be sure that you invest in heavy duty trash bags that are thicker.

This can make it harder for animals to smell the trash that often contains leftover food. There are even trash bags on the market that are meant to smell like mint which often is something that raccoons and other scavenger types of predators do not find appealing.

This is worth considering depending on where you decide to camp.


Throw your garbage into the trash bins that the campsite provides. And if there are not any, be sure to put this trash away from your campsite.

On the off chance that an animal comes to get the trash, you don’t want to lead them to your tent or RV door.

You can hang this trash into a tree that is a few yards away from you, which often works on halting some animals.

Or you can store this in the trunk of a vehicle to keep it locked away and out of the reach of animals.

Certain Smells Can Work Wonders

There are certain smells that animals simply do not like, and these can work wonders in keeping away predators.

For example, many campers who do this time and time again, use dryer sheets in their tents and their belongings.

It is believed that the scent of dryer sheets is too human for animals, and this overpowers any smell of food that they may be interested in.

A strong perfume may do the same, however, be careful with perfumes and body sprays as these can attract insects, making you have even more issues with camping!

Always Have A Flashlight

The sudden bright light often frightens many animals when they come into a campsite, so much so that they run back to where they came from.

If you are in your tent and hear something, sometimes simply flashing this flashlight out can deter an animal from getting into your campsite.


Take Preventative Measures

This may be one of the most important tips that a person can do. Where will you be camping? Once you know this, do your research.

What type of predators are in the area? This way you can prepare your camping trip according to the threat. For example:

  • Those who may be in bear country are going to want to carry some bear spray on them to deter these predators from advancing on you. However, you may never have to use it, it is a safety precaution to have and remember to use.
  • Use the natural repellents that are found on the market. There are many that can be placed around your campsite so that raccoons, skunks and other critters are going to have no desire to come around your tent or RV.
  • Be sure that you check with the campground on what types of preventative measures they suggest that you take. You will find that many campsites look at the animals in the area, and they will arrange for campsites to be away from their habitats.

Clean Up Your Site

Not only is keeping your campsite clean a great way to make friends while camping…after all, who doesn’t like a neighbor who keeps their trash up and their campsite looking great?!

However, cleaning up serves another function. Be sure that you are getting dishes cleaned and put up every night instead of leaving these out to deal with in the morning.

Even if you scraped the excess food off of dishes, you are going to find that the animals in the area can still smell this. So be sure to wash dishes and put these up. Other cleaning tips:

  • Be sure that you clean your grill. The grates on a grill can be smothered with grease and this can attract some animals.
  • Be sure that you pick up any crumbs or small food chunks that may be around the picnic area. Even a small piece of bread is going to attract some animals to come into your campsite.

For those who are going camping, remember that you are in nature and this is where these animals call home.

While you have the right to camp, be sure that you are doing this in a way that is going to help keep nature as it is and that you are not attracting predators to your campsite.

Are you ready to take a camping trip? Once you have learned these tips you are going to have peace of mind when you go camping that you are not going to be bothered by predators. And if you are still looking for a great campsite, be sure to check out BookYourSite.com.

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