The Top 8 Things You Need on Your Winter Camping Checklist

BookYourSite Winter Camping Checklist

The Best Winter Camping Checklist!

Throw on your long johns, don’t forget your mittens, and make sure to strap on your warmest winter boots. Winter camping is around the corner and we have the best winter camping checklist ever.

Spend your weekends in the great outdoors all year ‘round, not just in the summer months. If you are camping in the summer don’t forget to check out this list of commonly forgotten items.

Winter camping is becoming a new hot trend for campers and ultimate adventure seekers. Spend this years Christmas months enjoying the outdoors with family and friends for a unique experience you’ll be able to talk about years down the road.

Top 8 Winter Camping Checklist To Ensure You Survive Your Next Winter Camping Trip

Here’s the top 8 Winter camping items to ensure you have the warmest yet safe winter camping trip ever.

1. Tents You Need For Winter Camping

Winterized tents are a must when camping in the freezing temperatures. To select the best suitable camping tent for you and your family, you should consider the conditions you’re likely to encounter, the number of people you need to accommodate, and how much bulk
and weight you are willing to carry.

A four-season tent is your best option when camping in the winter. Winter camping tents are designed to shed snow. Unlike any three season tent, a four season tent will shed every ounce of snow off your tent, preventing it from bowing inwards due to the extreme weight of the snow.

They also have increased thickness in the walls. This provides extra insulation against the cold weather as well as insuring the walls stay in place.

2. Insulated Jacket

There are tons of insulated jackets to choose from when you’re thinking about staying warm in the cold winter weather. Whether it be down or synthetic interior, here’s the highest ranked insulated jacket of 2015 brought to you by the Outdoor Gear Lab.

The Rab Xenon X offers very high quality insulation, an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, smart construction, and the ability to pack into its own pocket for ease of transport and multi-pitch climbing.

Built with Pertex Quantum fabric, this jacket resists water and wind better than any other light weight and has well-designed, comfort oriented features. This Jacket also ran away with the Editors’ Choice Award for the second year in a row!

3. Warm Winter Boots

One of the most important things is having a durable and comfortable winter boot that will keep your feet warm in harsh conditions.

The brand Korkers has just came out with a new book designed for basically any weather condition: ice, rain, snow, sleet. This is perfect for camping in cold weather.

The boot is packed with 600 grams of Thinsulate insulation. It also has an awesome boa speed lace system that allows for quick adjustments and ease of taking on and off, all you have to do is remove one glove.

But the best feature of the boot is that it’s winterized for you to survive the cold winters whether it’s 30 degrees fahrenheit all the way down to -40 degrees fahrenheit.

The Korkers Icejack Boa boot will ensure your feet stay warm when camping in the winters.

4. Best Insulated Sleeping Bag

One of the most important things for winter camping is to have the best insulated sleeping bag to ensure you stay warm while sleeping.

Below is an awesome video created by the Outdoor Gear Lab that will explain what the best sleeping bags are for winter camping.

5. Thermal Camping Winter Pad

You have your winter sleeping bag ready but is that all you need? Absolutely not. Without a thermal winter pad placed under your sleeping bag you’ll freeze overnight.

Without a sleeping pad underneath your sleeping bag all your body heat will escape your sleeping bag and will be convected into the ground.

The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm earned the Editors’ Choice award because it provides an unmatched combination of warmth, comfort, weight, packed size, and durability. It’s warm enough for winter expeditions, and light enough for long backpacking trips closer to home.

This makes sleeping at night a little easier while being able to stay warm.

6. Astis Kibo Gloves and Hand Warmer packets  

Keeping your hands warm is essential when winter camping. The risk of getting frostbite just isn’t worth it for you or anyone in your family.

These new Astis Kibo Gloves are number 6 on our list of essential winter camping items.

These Astis Kibo Gloves are made with silicone injected suede leather, thick polartec fleece lining, and cree Indian- inspired beadwork for some extra design.

These materials alone are going to keep your hands extra warm but If you also insert some gel hand warmer packets it will ensure your hands stay warm for hours on end saving you from any chance of frostbite.

7. Uka Arko

This awesome new gadget called the Uka Arko is number 5 on our list of essential winter camping items. The Uka Arko is virtually a flashlight and lantern all in one. It also has a built in USB charger to juice up your electronics.

This is very important to have while winter camping so that you always have light in places you need along with a portable outlet incase your most valuable electronics lose battery.

8. First Aid Kit

Last but not least, be sure to pack a first aid kid while enjoying the great outdoors. This should always be the most important thing to pack no matter what season you’re camping in. Let’s hope you won’t ever have to use it but who wouldn’t rather be safe than sorry.

Some important items to include in your first aid kit during the winter season should be: assorted bandages, gauze, tape, rubbing alcohol, and some extra hand warmer packets.

For more information on what to include in your first aid kit, check out the First-Aid Checklist by REI Co-op.

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