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You’re overworked, you’re stressed, and you need to get away. Judging by the enormous red X’s on your calendar, which mark all the days you’ve counted down, you’ve clearly been planning your busy-city-exodus for some time. In thick black ink, the words “Vacation!” stretches Monday to Friday of next week, and a wide smile stretches ear-to-ear. But then it dawns on you: you haven’t actually planned anything!

The wide smile sinks to a frown. Through the fog of your overworked, over-stressed mind, your children appear, and you remember a conversation with them regarding camping in an RV. That’s it; you’ve had an epiphany. But what to do in such short notice?

The free app is your savior. It’s the Next Free App You’ll Download for Android or iPhone

Need to lock down that choice campsite, but can’t get to your computer? Fear not. The free app is available for Android in Google Play and iPhone in the App Store. The free app comprises an elegantly-designed user interface which is clean, organized and easy to manage.

We know that the above scenario is a reality for many adults and parents. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you! All you need to do is download the app, create a free user profile, and start scouring the app for your ideal vacation spot!

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 Why Use’s App?

  • The directory contains 1000+ campgrounds, its amenities, pictures, GPS and directions
  • Search parks by name, state or province
  • Up-to-the-minute pricing and campsite availability from the campground of your choice
  • Receive instant email notifications regarding reservations and payment invoices
  • Call or email your chosen campground directly through the app!
  • Save time! The app is intuitive and will remember your personal information for quick retrieval and auto-filling when filling out reservation forms
  • Pinpoint the location of every campground or RV resort on an interactive map
  • Save more money, have more fun! We constantly push updates about discount specials and special events    

Reserving a Campsite is Easy With is an easy to navigate, user-friendly campsite reservation service that allows you to search any campground in Canada and the U.S.

When clicking on a campground that piques your interest, you’ll be presented with brilliant images of the campground’s attractions and amenities, as well as detailed shots of a range of sites.

Clickable tabs containing information on the campground’s features will impart everything you need to know. There are even helpful tips and tricks available including 13 camping items you don’t want to forget.

When you’ve made your decision, simply click the “Book Now” button, and you’re all set!  

The BookYourSite Mobile App is a one-stop shop for all your campground booking needs.

Download the BookYourSite App and plan your getaway anytime, anywhere.

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