Attention All Camping Addicts! Here Is The Must-Have Gear For 2018

Best camping gear

Take your camping experience to a new level this year, by purchasing some of the best camping gear of 2018.

If you’re as addicted to camping as we are, these new innovative gadgets will inspire you to plan your next wilderness getaway as soon as possible. The outdoor enthusiast within you won’t be able to resist getting your hands on the hottest new camping accessories.

Show off your site this year with the trendiest items on the market. Not only are these items modern and cool, but they provide great functionality and heighten your overall camping experience.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 newest and hottest gear for outdoor enthusiasts and camping lovers for 2018

Collection of best camping gear

Swedish Candle Fire Pit Log

Take your campfire experience a step further with this innovation, and environmentally friendly new fire pit log. This easy to use device is equipped with a firestarter in the middle, requiring no kindling or excess work required.

The swedish log is the perfect accessory for any social gathering. Not only does it provide a vibrant centrepiece to socialize around, but it can also be used for cooking! It’s safer than a normal fire since the flames are contained in the log shaped contraption.

Stay warm for longer! The swedish log has a lasting burn time of 3-4 hours and fades out naturally. This way is you’re camping with children, you can ensure the utmost safety.

Person lighting Swedish fire log while camping

Inflatable Sofa

Vacations are meant for kicking up your feet and relaxing under the stars. That’s exactly what the Lamzac Air Camper provides. The inflatable sofa only takes 10 seconds to fully construct and can hold up to 440 pounds, if you’re being nice and choosing to share your space that is!

The material used is durable and high-quality, rip proof, and weathered to any nature condition. Being dirt and moisture repellent, it’s the perfect outdoor accessory to bring on your camping getaways.

The sofa bed also comes with an easily portable bag, and a loop and spike to mount you down. Cause we all know once you get comfy, you aren’t moving for a while.

Man relaxing on inflatable sofa in front of tent at campsite

Mesh Tent

The trend towards a minimalist lifestyle is hot this year, which can carry directly over into our world of camping. Pack less, and experience more with this all mesh tent.

If you’re a real nature lover, then you no what we mean when we say that sleeping under the stars is the most beautiful experience. The thing that gets in the way of this wonderful experience is the addition of bugs and critters. While we accept these little guys as part of nature, it’s better they be left out of our sleeping schedules.

This mesh tent gives the illusion of open air sleeping while preventing outside objects from coming in. This breezy, lightweight and versatile tent acts as a transparent shield to fully allow you to gaze up at the stars while you fall asleep.

The brand also sells a transparent tarp that you can set up overtop your tent to block rain.

Mesh, see-through tent at campsite

Ghost Whisperer Sleeping Bag

What initially made a breakthrough in the outdoor world as an extremely durable jacket, has now transitioned into a technical down sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is made out of high-alpine fabric innovation. It’s also made out of ripstop nylon, 900-fill goose down, and features a spacious mummy shape and a drawstring hood.

This remarkable invention can be compressed down to just 5 inches and fit into about any backpack no problem!

Man cocooned in sleeping bag

Running Headlamp

If you enjoy exercising, then you know running amongst trails is enjoyable and provides a great cardiovascular workout. Sometimes it can be hard to see where you’re going especially if you prefer running at night.

Or if you’re running on streets, most of the time they’re not lit with lamp poles. This running headlamp, not only gives you vision on your runs, but makes you visible to others on the road as a safety precaution.

The headlamp is extremely lightweight and features 4 lighting shades from bright, to red, to night vision. It’s also tech savvy and can be charged through a USB cable.

Group of runners at night using headlamps to see


Water filtration bottles have been on the market for quite some time and are often seen as a staple in the campers backpack. The Lifestraw filtration straw takes the filtration game up a notch. It’s simplistic design allows you to twist on the device to any plastic bottled drink.

The filter system uses membrane technology to remove waterborne bacteria that’s lingering. The carbon capsule also reduces chlorine and aids in creating a more crisp, satisfying taste.

Woman using Lifestraw to drink water out of river

Under Armour Trail Shoe

Step up your shoe game with the one of the best trail shoes being introduced this year. The Under Armour Horizon 50 running shoe, will provide ultimate grip, comfortability and functionality for when you hit the trails.

The shoe’s built for optimal heel-to-toe transition support and adds an extra cush. It’s elevated collar prevents mud and dirt from entering the shoe, making the overall body waterproof. The outer shell is rubber for added extra grip.

Trail shoes at top of mountain

Radius Zone Bug Repeller

Say goodbye to mosquitos and other pesky little bugs that get in the way of your outdoor experience. The Thermacell Radius Zone Bug Repeller uses electricity to ward the bugs away.

The product design is compact and portable. It also is environmentally friendlier by not emitting harsh chemicals as most bug repellent does. Instead, this device is completely rechargeable!

People enjoying campsite without any bugs

Tandem Hammock

While snuggling up in a hammock with your loved one sounds like the perfect romantic getaway, it always as comfortable as you’d like it to be. The new invention of this tandem hammock solves this problem by providing two solo sized hammocks right next to each other.

The hammock is equipped with super strong climbing rope to ensure you both stay secure. The dual hammock can also be condensed into one solo hammock, by folding one layer under the other. The top fabric can be used as the main and the bottom layer can provide an underneath thermal blanket.

Man laying in hammock in between trees

BioLite Camping Stove/Charger

If you’re not familiar with the BioLite Campstove, the you’re in for a technological treat. These devices provide a smokeless fire, with a charging unit attached that is compatible with your tech gadgets. The heat used to creates the fire, turns into energy to charge your devices, talk about ultimate efficiency!

The newest upgraded version takes these award winning features a step further. You can boil water, the battery lasts 50% longer, and it now features and LED screen.

Mini campfire and phone charger system

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