Best Camping Tools to Cook With

Black pots on a campfire grill. Best Camping Tools to Cook With on your next camping trip.

These Are The 12 Best Camping Tools to Cook With On Your Next Trip

Cooking while camping does not mean that you have to eat anything other than cold cut sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In fact, while camping there are some great meals that you can make with the open fire or a grill.

While there are great recipes out there, you still have to make sure that you have the right type of cooking tools to work with.

The right camp cooking equipment can make all the difference in how easy it is to prepare a meal while camping.

Your Go-To Camping Cooking Equipment List

Are you ready to hit the great outdoors? Remember that there are tons of camping gadgets on the market, and many of these are geared at cooking while in the great outdoors.

The market is fully saturated, thus you are going to see neat gadgets that you may want but could do without.

Black pots on a campfire grill. Best Camping Tools to Cook With on your next camping trip.

With this being said, for those who are new to the camping world, we have a list of cooking gear that is going to be a must have:

  • You will need cooking utensils. The basics are often a spatula and a spoon.
  • Knives for chopping, especially if you plan to prepare your food on site rather than preparing this before and carting with you to the campsite.
  • A pot and a pan. Many dishes that you will find catered to camping are going to be one dish types of meals.
  • A grill or other cooking surface. Many people will use grills that may be provided by the campsite, which is fine. However, having your own can mean opening up to other more rustic campsites out in nature.
  • Airtight storage for foods that you are bringing with you while camping.
  • A cooler to store items in, unless you are RVing and have a refrigerator to use.

Some Camp Cooking Gadgets to Consider

For those who are ready to go camping for the first time or for those seasoned campers that have been camping every weekend since they were younger, there are some great cooking gadgets out there for camping.

  • A Multi-Tool

While we may think of a multi-tool as something that we need to keep in the toolbox, it can be helpful while cooking as well.

Many people carry one of these for opening cans, slicing open packaging of foods and the list goes on. It is definitely one of the basic cooking tools that you will want to pack with you.

  • Portable Kitchen Sink

While cleaning your dishes are probably not something you think about, a portable kitchen sink can make cleaning up from cooking even easier!

This way, you know when you arrive home, your dishes and camping utensils are clean and ready to go on another camping adventure.

  • Camp Stove Toaster

This little device can work with a portable propane tank in order to give you toasted bread each morning while camping.

For those who cannot live without toast at breakfast, this is one of those must-have camping gadgets.

  • Edible Cups

While this is not an actual cooking gadget, it is still one of those pieces of gear that you will need to have while camping and eating.

However, what makes edible cups stand out is that they are made from gelatin that is plant-based that you actually eat after drinking out of.

It is meant to help reduce the carbon footprint that campers make around the world. It is definitely a neat idea!

  • Cast Iron Pan

You cannot go wrong with a cast iron pan. Even those who may be camping in an RV will find that cast iron is sturdy and will take the heat that a campfire may put at it.

Those who opt for a cast iron pan will find that a medium-sized pan is often all that you need to make a great meal over the open fire!


  • The Coleman Camp Classic

This is the basic camp stove that is portable and super easy to pack with you while camping. It is solidly built, and super reliable.

This is considered a starter stove that runs off a small propane tank and has two heat sources to cook two small pots/pans at once.

  • A Dutch Oven

Much like the cast iron pan, a Dutch oven is one of those versatile cooking pieces that many people never leave home without!

You can bake in this, make nachos, bring water to a boil, and the list goes on. That is why it is often considered a staple to bring on any camping trip.

  • Tongs

You have to have a pair of tongs with you while cooking. These are not only great for flipping foods in the pan that you are using, but they can help with getting coals that need to go under the pots/pans for even cooking.

  • GoSun Solar Oven

For those who want to be a bit more conscious of the environment and use solar power at its best, the GoSun Solar Oven is open.

It is meant to cook the food with the power of the sun. It is basically an oven, so it does allow you to bake while camping!

  • Heat Resistant Gloves

While you may not cook with these, they are a great thing to have for safety reasons. Cast iron and other types of pots/pans can get hot when they are being used on the open fire or with one of the camping stoves that have been mentioned.

These heat resistant gloves allow you to grab the pots/pans without having to suffer from burns. They allow for much more dexterity when compared to using pot holders.

  • Knife Set with Protective Sheaths

When you are camping you want a nice sharp knife, and better yet, you want one with a sheath in order to protect anyone who may be in the camping area with you.

They pack easily and it ensures that they do not accidentally puncture someone or something while you are unpacking your campsite!


  • Over-the-Fire Grate

Rather than packing a stove with you, many campers opt to use an over-the-fire grate that can be thrown over the campfire and used for cooking.

Many campsites have these in place for you to use, but for those times in which they may not provide them, this can be a cooking gadget that saves your meal!

Whether you decide to cook on the open fire or use your own camping stove, you are going to find that with the above gadgets, you will basically have a full kitchen while camping at your disposal. Imagine all the meals that you could make when you have the right tools to use!

For those who are ready to put their cooking skills to the test while camping, you will find that has tons of campsites to choose from.

When looking at the site or the app, you can see all the campsites that are in the North American area, along with amenities listed for each one of these.

So, what are you waiting for? Go outside, enjoy the great outdoors and try some amazing recipes while out there!

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