Best Clothes for Camping

Best Clothes For WInter Camping

What Are The Best Clothes For Camping?

Camping and going RVing are some of the best pastimes for a family or an individual to enjoy. Where it’s for vacation or for a weekend away to just relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life.

However, one of the main questions that people ask,  is what should they wear while camping?

Most people will find that their everyday work clothes may not be enough when camping. And you do need to dress for the outdoors, even if you are going to be in an RV for a large amount of time.

So, what should you and your family wear?

The Clothes For Arrival Day

In most cases, you may have traveled to get to your campsite. If this is the case, what you are wearing will be what you have on while setting up camp.

The key aspect to remember is comfort. You want to be comfortable while traveling, yet you want this clothing to be something that is durable.

A great idea is to wear comfortable pants and a tee shirt. Remember, you may get a bit dirty while setting up camp, so be sure that this clothing is something that you are okay with getting messy.


Bedtime Clothing

At bedtime, you want to ensure that you have fresh and clean clothing. During the day you may have gotten wet, from sweat or even water if it is raining.

Never go to bed wearing wet clothing as this will make you even more cold and also soak your sleeping bag and blankets. Consider wearing light pajamas so that you can snuggle into your sleeping bag with ease.

The sleeping bag will keep you warm, and you can always use blankets if you need to kill the chill in the air. Always remember that if you are really cold, a beanie on your head can help to keep in the heat even more!

Clothing During Outdoor Activities

Camping is an outdoor activity, so you want to ensure that you are wearing the proper clothing for this as well.

This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your wardrobe, as there are tons of stylish camping clothes out there. A few hints:

  • Make sure your underwear is breathable. There is nothing worse than walking around in underwear that absorbs the moisture from sweat and then later be uncomfortable. Wool is a good option for those who want something durable and breathable. Cotton has a tendency to absorb the sweat and water, making them chaff those who wear them.
  • Be sure that your head, hands and feet are protected. Even during the summer time, wear a hat to avoid prolonged sun exposure and of course slather on the sunscreen. During the winter times, gloves and thick socks are important to keep your hands and feet from the elements, along with a beanie.
  • Dress in layers. This will make it much easier to adjust your clothing according to the weather. While it may be cool in the mornings, it may get warm in the afternoon. It is much easier to remove a layer of clothing than have to get dressed again.
  • Long pants are ideal when outside! This is going to ensure that the mosquitoes and other bugs are not attacking your skin at each point.  You may want to consider pants that can detach and become shorts, so that you can go from hiking to sitting around a campfire with ease.
  • Long sleeves are also a great idea to avoid coming into contact with ticks. Even if it is super-hot outside, be sure that you have a light, long sleeved tee to put on if you are going out into the woods.

While camping outdoors, your clothing will become dirty…so be sure that you bring enough to change into later if needed!


Dressing Young Kids While Camping

Younger children love the great outdoors, but, you need to make sure that the clothing they are wearing is protective. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Babies have a harder time regulating their own temperature. If you are camping with a baby, be sure to bring plenty of blankets that are soft and warm, along with having beanies, and very warm clothing.
  • Layers are always key with children. You want to ensure that they have light layers that can easily be pulled off when they start to get hot or the weather warms up.
  • Be sure to invest in some durable clothing. While camping, kids are going to be super hard on what they are wearing as they are enjoying the outdoors.

All the tips that you utilize to pack your clothing, should be applied to children as well.

Everyone will be happier when the kids are comfortable and not complaining about being too cold or too hot while camping. Hence, the importance of clothing!


Extra Tips for Comfort

There are several little tips for your clothing that most people don’t think of unless they are seasoned campers who have done this hundreds of times.

  • Bring extra socks! There is nothing worse than having wet socks on. In fact, wet socks can lead to developing athletes’ foot and other foot conditions. Be sure that you bring extra socks for every camper so that they can switch these out at night and when they get wet.
  • Bring extra shoes! Many campers bring shoes for hiking, shoes for lounging around the campsite and water shoes if they are near a beach or river. This way, you always have a choice as to what to wear in the event that your shoes get damp. Remember, wet shoes and socks can lead to major blisters on the feet and will end up having you regret your camping trip altogether.
  • For kids, pack plenty of clothing. Kids are more likely to get wet and dirty to the point that these clothing items cannot be worn again while camping.
  • Don’t forget the sunglasses! You want to protect your eyes even if you think the weather won’t be sunny.
  • Extra underwear is never a bad idea for everyone…you can never have enough! It is always best to have too many than not enough when it comes to underwear while camping.
  • Consider a weatherproof outer layer for all times of the year, this can help to keep you dry in wet conditions.

The key to remember when going camping is that you want clothes that are going to be comfortable, durable and help ensure your safety.

Remember to wear a touch of color so that you can easily be spotted while hiking, to prevent any accidents from happening.

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What are you waiting for? With the clothes situation under control, all that is left to do is to enjoy yourself!

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