The Best Cooking Equipment for Camping

Meal being cooked over a campfire. The Best Cooking Equipment for Camping.

Need Cooking Equipment for Camping?

When camping, there are several things that you don’t want to forget to bring. You will want shelter, food and water. While you have the tent ready to go or have decided to rent a cabin, you may have packed tons of water, but what about the food?

Despite what many people think, you do not have to eat foods that come pre-prepared that require no cooking. While a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is okay sometimes, having a hearty meal can make this camping adventure even more fun.

That is why you need to make sure that you have the best cooking equipment ready for your next camping trip!


What Types of Cooking Equipment Do You Need?

Just what type of cooking equipment do you need when you are camping? This really depends on the dishes that you may be cooking.

This is why we recommend that you plan your meals ahead of time so that you know just what you are going to need.

Most people will find that these are the items that they cannot live without while camping:

–        Pots

–        Pans

–        Cutting board

–        Utensils for cooking that can handle high heats

–        Plates, forks, bowls and spoons

–        Cooler for food

You should also consider some of these other items that you may need:

–  A stove or grill to cook on, as the camping site may not have these for you to use.

–  A way to wash the dishes such as a tote box that can double as a sink or the like.

– A table for preparing foods so that you can have an area that is simply for the kitchen in your campsite.

If you prepare a list of what you will cook, you can have a better idea of what you are going to need to make this work while camping.

Some of the Best Kitchen Gadgets on the Market

There are several different types of cooking equipment on the market that are designed to be used by those who are going camping.

We have a list of some of the best that you may want to try out on your next camping adventure!

The Andrew James Electric BBQ

Many campsites do not want people having an open grill that uses coal and flames for cooking. Why is this? They want to minimize the chances of a fire starting.

That is where the Andrew James Electric BBQ comes into play.

Since many campsites are now offering electricity at their tent sites, this BBQ will allow you to cook just as if you were using a regular grill without the coal, gas, and flames!


The Coleman 50 Qt Xtreme Wheeled Cooler

A cooler is a must have for any time that you go camping. The Coleman 50 Qt Xtreme Wheeled Cooler is great for those who are packing up food and need to keep it cold before it is cooked.

This cooler can keep your food and drinks cold for up to 5 days! In addition, it has a handle and wheels to make it easier to get to your camping site.

The GSI Pinnacle Camper

This is a cooking set that is going to be perfect for camping and is going to last for years to come.

This package gives you enough to serve four, perfect for families. Each component nestles into the other, making it great for packing into your pack without taking up a lot of room.

Each piece is coated with Teflon and gives a great cooking performance.

The Drayton Kitchen Table

What are you going to use to prepare your food while camping? While many people use the plates that they have or they makeshift something, those who camp a lot will find that investing in the Drayton Kitchen Table is a great addition to any camping experience.

This table offers a sturdy surface to prepare the food or even to place a stove so that you are not having to sit on the ground.

In addition, it can allow you to place silverware and pots/pans into the sides, meaning that you can easily set up a kitchen while tent camping.

Primus Campfire Prep Set

You need to have utensils in order to cook your food, and the Primus Campfire Prep Set is a great set for those who are looking. This set contains a 12 cm knife, a grater, spatula, spoon, and a fork.

The spatula, spoon and fork are made of oak, meaning that they are going to last for years to come with proper care.

G4Free 4 Piece Cooking Set

For those who are looking for a cooking set that packs nicely, has easy handles and is durable, the G4Free 4 Piece Cooking set is an awesome choice.

This contains two pots along with lids that also double as mugs or mini bowls yet are lightweight and easy to pack into your camping essentials.

The Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set

The Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set is one of the only that not only comes with a pot and pans to cook in, but also include a kettle, perfect for those morning drinks!

This set can be paired down and locks into one another to make it super easy to pack with you.


Minipresso Coffee Maker

Do you love coffee in the mornings? Then you don’t have to go without this while camping! The Minipresso Coffee Maker is super small, making it easy to pack with you, as it was designed to be one of the smallest on the market, perfect for camping.

Once you load this with coffee, you simply press the pump a few times and have great espresso!

Joseph Joseph Wash and Drain Bowl

Once you have finished cooking, cleaning up the plates, bowls and the pans/pots used for cooking is a must. You do not want to risk the bacteria that can go onto these if you do not wash them for use next time.

The Joseph Joseph Wash and Drain Bowl doubles as a sink that you can use at any camping site and includes a drain so that you can easily get rid of the dirty water and rinse these items dry to use again later!

Campingaz 600 SG Double Burner Stove

For those who prefer more of a grill like stove, they are going to find that this stove is one that is highly sought after. It heats up items quickly and folds down easily so that you can transport this with you while camping. It has been known to heat water to a boil within 10 minutes!

Once you have everything needed for preparing food while camping, what is stopping you? Check out for camping sites through North America that are waiting for you to make a reservation.

You can make this reservation easily via the website or even via the app! You can see all the amenities that each site offers so you can choose the best one that fits your needs for your next camping or RV trip!

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