Cabins vs. Tents: Which One Should I Choose?

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Cabins vs. Tents: Which One Are You?

When you go camping, even for first-timers, which one sounds better: camping in a tent or camping in a cabin? Both of these are options in most places that you camp at, as most campgrounds want to appease the majority of people that come here.

However, which one is better? This is the ultimate question and you are going to find that there is a different answer for each person that you ask! Some people prefer to camp in a tent, others prefer a cabin, and there are others who change it up depending on where they are camping.

In order to answer this question for yourself, you have to know the pros and cons of camping in a tent versus camping in a cabin!

Tent Camping

Tent camping involves having your own tent and pitching it onto the campground that you have rented. There are several pros and cons to tent camping.


The Pros of Tent Camping

If you are truly wanting to be out in the wild and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer, tent camping is going to give you this. You are going to find that with a tent you can hear the birds chirping in the morning and the crickets at night with ease.

Another aspect to consider is that there are several campgrounds throughout North America that are tent camping sites only.

For those who go to this type of sites, they find that they are often quieter and a bit more in tune with nature since there are no RV’s or cabins around that are making tons of noise or emitting a lot of light.

Also consider the fact that those who camp with tents often find it easier to get a camping site. Many campgrounds will have walk-in sites available to those who are camping with a tent since the tent is not taking up a lot of space.

For those who love to camp, this can mean that you can do this on the fly without having to make plans.

Fourth of all, tent camping is considered a more affordable option since you only have to buy your tent once, and the campsite for a tent is often less compared to a cabin price. For those who on a budget, tent camping may be the best way to go!

However, probably the best benefit of tent camping is that it is easier to stay with friends or family who are camping as well.

Some sites are extra large and can accommodate several tents at once. In addition, for families who camp with older children, it allows their kids to have their own tent, right next to yours, which makes them feel even more responsible!

The Cons of Tent Camping

While there are several pros about tent camping that can be seen, there are several cons that have to be taken into consideration as well.

For example, when in a tent you are out in the weather. This means that you have to plan for nights that you may be stuck in the tent, such as in rainy weather.

You also have to remember that cooking and other activities will be all outdoors, so you may have to accommodate for these situations as well!

Secondly, sleeping in a tent can be uncomfortable for some people, especially if they do not get the right sized tent to camp in.

However, you can make it more comfortable with a sleeping bag, the right type of sleeping pad or even a cot that you can sleep on!

You will have to set this tent up, which for a beginner camper can be daunting. We recommend that you arrive at the campsite while there is still enough daylight to get this tent up so that you are not trying to navigate this in the dark!


Cabin Camping

Cabin camping involves renting a cabin that is already established at the campsite of your choice. Most of these cabins are in the same area. They may or may not have water or electricity, depending upon the campsite.

The Pros of Cabin Camping

One of the main advantages that people talk about when cabin camping is the amount of room that they have! For those who are camping in large groups or even with families, they often find that a cabin gives them so much more room compared to a tent!

In addition, the cabin is going to be equipped for campers to cook their meals here, play games inside in the event that weather is a factor, and other cool indoor camping activities. For those who do not want to be a victim of the elements, they find that cabin camping is the way to go.

For many people, specifically beginners’ campers, they find that a cabin can allow them to get to nature without being completely unplugged. For first time campers, going into the wilderness that first time can be rather scary, but a cabin rental can get you into the right mind space to try tent camping later!

The Cons of Cabin Camping

One of the biggest cons of cabin camping is the fact that you are going to pay more for a cabin than you do for a tent site.

This is understandable, considering that you get everything in one place. You not only get access to whatever amenities the campsite offers, but you often have running water, a bathroom and a small kitchen to prepare meals.

Secondly, you may find that you are next to noisy cabins as many people rent cabins for parties and the like.

This can make a camping experience feel like a night out on the town, which is not appealing to those who were looking to get back to nature!


Which is Better: A Tent or Cabin?

So, which sounds better to you? You are going to want to keep a few things in mind when making this decision, and these are questions that you can easily get answered when booking at the campground you have chosen:

  • What type of tent site will you get, will you be alone? Perfect for those who may be looking for privacy and quiet.
  • Is the cabin fully stocked or do you need to bring your own glasses, dishes, etc.?
  • How close are cabins so that you know whether you may be in for a loud camping experience or not?

Both of these options have pros and cons, so you will simply have to try out your choice and see how you like it.

A great idea is to try cabin camping one time and then tent camping another time. You never know, you may love both!

Once you have decided as to whether you want tent camp or cabin camp, you then choose the best campground!

Luckily, you can visit for a list of campsites in the North American area, and each campsite will list if they offer tent, cabin or other types of camping. You can book directly from the website, and even see what other people have to say!

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