13 No-Hassle Camping Breakfast Ideas Your Whole Family Will Love

13 Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas For Your Next Trip

Who doesn’t love breakfast? Waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs in the morning, or even just that first whiff of coffee brewing…but it doesn’t always have to be the same. How about some new camping breakfast ideas that will really get you out of your tent in the morning?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s also one of the most delicious meals of the day!

Not only does it set you on the right path for the next 24 hours, but it also provides you with enough nourishment and energy to take on all of the fun outdoor camping activities you have planned.

But sometimes planning and making a big breakfast is the last thing you want to do when you’re camping, especially with the kiddos running around.

Here are 13 easy and delicious camping breakfast ideas you’ll want to try right now. They are kid-friendly, quick, and simple enough you’ll actually be happy to make them.

Friends making breakfast while camping and trying new camping breakfast ideas.

1. Tin Foil Blueberry Breakfast Bake

This is a different take on camping breakfast. It’s perfect for satisfying any fruit cravings, and it’s an alternative to meat-filled breakfasts for those who are trying to avoid it.

The beauty of this idea is that you can use leftover hot dog or hamburger buns. You can also mix the wet ingredients together in a plastic squirt or juice bottle before you head out and just keep it in the cooler to make your life even easier.

Get the full recipe here.


2. Eggs on Potato Chips

Who needs hashbrowns when you have potato chips nearby? Chances are you’ve got some chips laying around that you’ve already packed away for the trip.

This eggs on potato chips recipe is a great take on the classic hashbrown scramble breakfast, and lets you get a taste of your favorite snack right in with your breakfast.


3. Campfire Pancakes

Yes, it’s possible to make pancakes when you’re camping without all the extra work. All you really need is your frying pan and this useful hack:


4. Three-Cheese Potatoes in Foil

These foil-wrapped cheesy potatoes go great as a side to bacon, ham, or sausages. Or you could just eat them on their own for a hearty potato breakfast.

The recipe is super simple and they only take about 20-25 minutes over the campfire.

They also go great for lunch and dinner if you’re in need of something to make with your campfire skewers or your other campfire dinner ideas.


Camping breakfast pizza. Campfire meal ideas everyone enjoys.

5. Breakfast Pizza

If you’re camping with a bigger group of people or the whole family, this camping breakfast pizza is a great way to feed everyone at the same time.

Mix the eggs and chop up the veggies ahead of time to make it easier in the morning. If you don’t like the veggies provided in the recipe, add your own take and cook away!


6. Campfire Burritos

This recipe from Alaskafromscratch includes many ingredients that you can make ahead of time and store in your cooler.

Who doesn’t love a good, easy breakfast burrito to get going in the morning? You can also make your own version with whatever ingredients you prefer.

When it comes time to make breakfast, just pull out your items and wrap them in a tortilla, then cook over the fire in tin foil.


Grilled breakfast sandwich. Simple camping food ideas to please everyone.

7. Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwiches

Camping without a pie iron is like making a s’more without the chocolate. You could do it, but it won’t be the same. There’s just something about pie iron snacks and meals that make a camping trip worthwhile.

So why not make your breakfast with a pie iron, too? Here’s how you can do it!


8. Baked Potato Egg Bowls

This recipe is an all-in-one creation that’s super easy to eat and hits all of the food groups at the same time.

While the original recipe is designed for an oven, you can easily make these for camping by using tin foil. Just cook the potatoes, each in its own tin foil wrapper, and then unwrap when it’s time to put the fillings in.

Depending on the coal heat, and how you like your eggs, it should be about 3 to 8 minutes once the eggs are in.


9. Make-Ahead Pancake Bites

Okay, so these pancake bites aren’t really a camping breakfast in the literal sense. But they are super cute and extremely customizable. They’re also a great camping breakfast idea when you’re camping with picky little ones.

Just make them before your trip and keep them in the cooler until you’re ready to eat. These can be eaten cold or warm, so if you want to warm them just wrap them in some foil and heat on the campfire for a little bit.


English muffin breakfast sandwich. A classic breakfast idea for camping.

10. Classic Breakfast Sandwiches

These classic camping breakfast sandwiches are perfect if you’ve got a portable camp stove in your supply collection. Even if you don’t, you can easily improvise with a frying pan and a basic camp grill.

This recipe also comes with a cool camping hack for omelettes. Just mix your eggs and fixings together in a ziploc baggie and boil (in the bag).


11. Cinnamon Biscuits on a Stick

Roasting your breakfast over the campfire is the perfect way to enhance your camping experience. In fact, there are so many campfire meal ideas you can choose from that make life so much easier.

This is a great recipe for your breakfast, and it’s likely that all you need that you won’t already have with you is a can of refrigerated biscuits.

The best part is that this idea can be a great, easy camping dessert or breakfast- or both! It’s all up to you.


Overnight oats in mason jars. Unconventional camping breakfast ideas.

12. Overnight Oats

This another kind of cheater recipe for camping, but these overnight oats are a great cold breakfast for those unbearably sunny summer mornings.

Just make them at home before you leave and keep them in your cooler. Make sure they stay cold otherwise they won’t keep.

If you don’t like those overnight oat flavor ideas, there are hundreds of recipes floating around the Internet to keep you on your feet. From peanut butter and jelly oats to chocolate banana, you’re sure to find something for everyone.


13. Orange Peel Cinnamon Buns

For those mornings when you just want something sweet, make these orange peel cinnamon buns. There’s only 3 ingredients and it’s super easy to make because you use pre-packaged cinnamon rolls.

This method also uses less waste because you’re using orange peels instead of bowls for your breakfast.


Coffee by the campfire. These camping breakfast recipes will wake anyone up.

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