Camping on a Budget

What You Need To Know About Camping on a Budget

We would all love to go on vacation yet most of us have to stay on a strict budget. Some lucky few find that any type of vacation often means that their budget is blown.

Going on a vacation is meant to de-stress you, but when you start looking at the financials of going on this vacation you start to stress even more when you realize that you are going to be spending so much money.

This is normal. However, we have a solution to this.

Camping is a Budget-Friendly Vacation

Enjoying the great outdoors is often one of the main goals that people have when they decide to go on a vacation.

And the good news is that camping can be one of the best ways to not only enjoy the great outdoors but also save a ton of money when compared to other types of vacations out there.

Plus, you will find that there are several camping locations that are near tourist attractions. What does this mean?


This means that you can avoid having to spend all that money for a hotel every night, and instead opt to camp each night, while still getting to see the tourist-friendly locations that you have always wanted to see!

You will find that you can save money while camping through the following tips:

  • Taking advantage of the grills and even your own camp cooking compared to eating out for every meal.
  • While you may have to buy quality camping equipment at first, you will find that this will pay for itself much later and you will save money in the long run after vacationing via campsites for many vacations to come.
  • Looking for budget-friendly recipes for camping…there are tons of those that are out there.
  • Book your vacation during a travel time that offers discounts. Many campsites and tourist locations offer discounts during certain times of the year to encourage people to come there. If you want to avoid having to pay full price and don’t mind camping during off-peak times of the year, you can save even more!

When you do decide to camp, be sure that you are doing your research. Find the campground that best suits your needs, along with reading up on camping tips that you may need while out there.

Plus, be sure that you look at the activities that the campsite has to offer, sometimes kids may have more fun with these activities than the actual tourist attraction, which can save you even more money and make camping on a budget the best thing that you have ever done.

How Camping Saves You Money

Just how can you save money when you decide to go camping for vacation? Here are a few of the ways.

  • You can avoid having to eat out every meal, as you can fix your own. This is an even better idea for those who are going to be camping in their RV, as they have a full kitchen at their disposal.
  • You will find that daily rates at camping locations is much lower than a hotel, and there are still amenities that you can use that are going to make your time there even more special like trails for hiking, playgrounds or even fishing grounds.
  • While you may have to drive to get to tourist locations, most camping locations are located near these tourist attractions, meaning you may not have to drive very far. In fact, some camping locations offer shuttles that take you to these popular tourist locations.


In addition, when you decide to stay at a campground rather than at a hotel, you are going to find that there are tons of other things to do so you can extend this vacation to last a few more days.

For those working parents, campgrounds can also be a great way to work around your time off and when you go on vacation, since there is almost always a campground that has space throughout the summer. This does not mean that you should book these at the last minute, it is better to play this safe than sorry.

Campsites Near Popular Tourist Locations

There are tons of popular tourist destinations throughout North America, and those who are looking to vacation and camp on a budget, will find that these popular tourist destinations. Here are a few of the campsites that may be of interest to those who are looking to save money.

  • Niagara Falls Jellystone Park

Located right near Niagara Falls, a huge tourist location, Niagara Falls Jellystone Park offers amenities and camping locations that are going to allow you to see the majestic Niagara Falls while saving money. In addition, the campsite itself offers several fun times for families including mini-golf, water slides, jumping pillows, playgrounds, themed weekends aimed at kids, and numerous fun activities planned for kids including daily wagon rides offered during the summer.

  • Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

One of the biggest vacations that families take every year is to visit Disney World. For those who are looking to camp, they are going to find that Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is the place to stay, as it was first established din 1971. Since this time, it has been the go-to campsite for those who wish to enjoy the great outdoors while visiting the big tourist attraction. In addition, the site offers basketball courts, a swimming pool, tennis, volleyball, playgrounds, hiking trails and even horseback riding. You can easily make a fun few days at the campground itself.


  • Anaheim Resort RV Park

For those who want to visit Disneyland, Anaheim Resort RV Park is one of the popular camping destinations that can help to save you money while also visiting a well-known attraction. While being known as an RV park, there are a few tent sites as well. In addition, this location offers a swimming pool, recreation hall, playground, games area and so much more than the entire family can enjoy.

  • Wells Beach Resort

This is one of the highest rated campsites for those who looking visit the popular Cape Cod area in Massachusetts. Nearby attractions to this camping site include a wildlife refuge, cinema, and of course the beach itself. The camping site includes full hookups and amenities like mini putt, swimming pool, sports fields, playgrounds and much more.

The list for the number of campgrounds that are near tourist locations can go on forever. Many campsites are built near tourist locations since people love to camp and enjoy the attractions that an area has to offer.

The key to finding the right campground for your vacation is to visit and then type in what you want to see.

You will then find a list of campsites that are near this tourist location that also includes a detailed look at what this campsite has to offer you, the camper.

You can easily book this campsite from the website or via the mobile app to start your vacation on the right foot, and save a ton of money compared to other places to stay while vacationing, while still giving kids a great time and not making parents feel as though they have to save for months on end to just enjoy a week or weekend.

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