Camping with Dogs: A Road Map Guide

Is there anything more fun than taking man’s best friend out to enjoy the great outdoors? If you love camping, and you own a dog (or dogs), then going camping with dogs means a bucketload of fun for everyone.

Camping with Dogs can be Fun and Easy

But it isn’t as easy as getting your pup in your car or RV and hitting the road – there are a few extra steps every pet-owner/camper should take to ensure a happy, healthy trip for the entire family.

Consider all the points below before going camping with dogs.

Is Camping with your Dog a Good Idea?

Camping with Dogs can be fun, but be prepared!

Take your dog out for some camping fun, but be prepared! – Image Source

Before you start planning a camping trip with your furry friend, consider the breed of dog and the camping situation they’ll be in.

Heading out for an arduous hiking adventure through the wilderness? We wouldn’t recommend bringing along Fifi the Shi Tzu.

Pulling your RV into a family-friendly campground? Consider leaving Brutus the Pitbull at home.

Of course, you know your dog, their abilities and their temperament the best – use your judgement.

Does your Campground Allow Pets?

This is extremely important if you plan on camping with dogs. You do not want to drive hours and hours just to show up at the campground gate with Rover in the backseat, only to find out he can’t go in.

Many campgrounds have specific rules about bringing dogs and other pets to the campground – including some breed-specific regulations.

Check the campground website before you reserve a site – or better yet use the BookYourSite search feature to find pet-friendly campgrounds in your area, and then book instantly!

Packing for your Pup

Dogs Camping in a Tent

Camping with your Dog can be fun, but be prepared! – Image Source

Just like you need supplies for your trip, so does your pup.

First things first – bring enough dog food and water to last the entire trip, plus some extra just to be on the safe side. Bring a food dish and water bowl – collapsable dog dishes are available that will make packing easier.

Next, keep your dog (and the families at the campground) safe by having them on a leash 24/7. We suggest packing both a standard 6-7 foot lead for walking, and a 10-20 foot rope to keep them tied up on your campsite. If you’ll be hiking with your pup, consider purchasing a harness rather than a standard collar. If you’re on a large lot, consider picking up a Talos K9 Sky-Trak Kit (which we covered in a recent post) to give them even more room to run.

Keep your dog comfier and happier by bringing along a little piece of home. If the sleep in a dog bed or crate – bring it with you!

Just like at home, leaving dog doo-doo on the ground is a big no-no. Make sure you have enough poop bags to last the entirety of your stay. 

Campground Doggie Etiquette

An obvious but often-ignored piece of campground etiquette – don’t leave your dog unattended. If you won’t be able have your dog with you most of the time, consider leaving them at a kennel or with a friend.

On the same note, be considerate of your fellow campers – don’t let your dog be exceedingly loud. If your dog is a barker or a yapper, leave them at home, and consider training them to be quieter.

Pick up all dog poop – even if it’s on in the woods or on a back trail. Dispose of the excrement in an appropriate manner. DO NOT toss dog poop bags in your campfire – that’s just not cool.

Follow these tips, and you and your pooch will have a fun, relaxing camping experience. 

Find Campgrounds that Allow Camping with Dogs

If you’re looking to go camping with dogs in your region, we definitely suggest using the BookYourSite search engine. You can sort by campgrounds that are friendly so you can be sure your little buddy will be allowed to join.

Research & Book Your Campsite Instanly

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