Cheap Green RV Living: How to Make Your Adventures More Eco Friendly

Cheap Green RV Living: How to Make Your Adventures More Eco Friendly

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Easy Ways to Go Green in Your RV

We live in a time where the world is shifting and threats of global warming are looming over us like a dark cloud. But did you know that there are tons of easy ways for cheap green RV living?

It’s much easier than you think to commit to green RV living. In fact, there are so many small ways that add up that you can start doing right now.

As seasoned campers and outdoor enthusiasts, we all love being in the great outdoors. You can make a difference in protecting America’s natural landscape. Doing so will preserve it for your children and theirs to enjoy in the future.

If you’re worried about your own carbon footprint, and want to protect this beautiful planet for as long as you can, here are some ways to be more eco friendly while traveling in your RV.

Most of these ideas are super easy, so it’s something you can feel good about.

Green RV living protects the environment on all your camping trips.

Green RV Living is Here

Those great RV trips you take with your family are actually better for the environment than other types of vacations! A study found that families who take RV vacations actually generate less carbon dioxide than if they were flying somewhere or staying in a hotel.

This has a lot to do with the smaller amount of space inside the RV. When you run an air conditioning unit or a heating unit, the machine only has to use enough energy to fill that space. The space inside an RV is much smaller than a hotel or a plane.

On top of all that, most RV trips involve a group of people traveling in the same small amount of space. This is more fuel efficient than taking separate travel vehicles and hotel reservations.

You’re already doing a great job for the environment, but there are always ways that you can do more.

A fuel efficient RV can help with cheap green RV living.

Fuel Efficient RV’s

Did you know that 80% of motorhomes sold in the United States are actually non-motorized? Pop-up trailers, fifth wheel trailers, and travel trailers are all great choices for using less gas.

If you have a motorized RV, you’re still safe. 30% of RV owners use a diesel vehicle, which are more fuel efficient than gas-fueled vehicles.

Buying a used RV is a great way to recycle! Here’s a handy guide to make sure you get your money’s worth. Make sure you consider gas mileage and fuel efficiency when you’re browsing models.

Stick to Marked RV Campsites

Nature lovers are always more inclined to take the back roads and explore in the wilderness. But if you take these backwoods RV routes, you could risk damaging the natural habitat where you park.

When you damage a natural habitat, you’re disrupting the ecosystem that already exists there. Plants and wildlife rely on these ecosystems to sustain their survival.

Marked RV campsites are designated areas that are safe to park your RV. The natural landscape has already been adjusted for the large vehicles, so they’re safer.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring those backwoods trails. But it might be better to take a day trip and hike those trails instead. Then you can come back to your RV and relax for the night.

Eco friendly materials and reusing dishes can help save the earth.

Avoid Overusing Disposable Materials

The most eco friendly materials are those that can be reused as often as possible. Sometimes we focus on the convenience factor and don’t realize the impact we’re making on the environment.

Disposable materials create lots of waste, which just ends up filling landfills.

Using paper plates means you don’t have to do dishes. But it also means more carbon emissions. This is especially true if you’re burning them in the campfire.

Campfires are an essential part of camping and enjoying the night outside. But campfires can cause a lot of pollution because of the toxins they emit through smoke. You can cut down on these emissions by avoiding burning paper plates or other disposable items. Stick to dry, seasoned wood or kindling.

If you use reusable items and just take the time to wash your dishes, you’ll be able to reduce waste.

Find ways to reuse items like ziploc baggies, plastic water bottles, and aluminum foil. Before you throw anything out, first consider if you could use it again.

Keep your trailer safe for green RV living.

Cut Back on Utilities

You might not like the sound of this when you’re camping in the middle of summer. But cutting back on utilities like air conditioning and heat is a huge way you can make a difference.

To avoid suffering in the summer heat, try parking your RV in the shade. Keep your windows open and consider investing in a battery operated fan.

In the winter, do the opposite. Park in spots with maximum sun exposure and places where you’ll be shielded from the wind.

If you need to turn your air conditioning or heat on, keep it as low as possible. Your comfort is important, but most of the time you don’t need it cranked high.

You can cut back on water usage as well. Try changing your shower head to a water-saving model. You can also try to reuse greywater whenever you can. It’s safe to pour out in the ecosystems and natural habitats around your campsite. This will also help provide water for the plants and trees.

Use Products Made From Eco Friendly Materials

Most household toilet and sink cleaners contain many chemicals that don’t break down properly in septic and holding tanks. This can cause problems that lead to backup or damage in the tank.

Consider using compostable cleaners for other household use as well. This will help cut back on the amount of chemicals that are spreading in the air and in your waste.

Look for cleaning products that have natural ingredients. There are many great brands out there that are going greener with their products. More options are constantly popping up on the market, so keep your eyes peeled at the store.

Cheap green RV living is possible when you use eco friendly materials.

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