Annoyingly Common Camping Problems

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If you’re like us, you absolutely adore camping. Being outside, enjoying nature and interacting with fellow campers – it doesn’t get any better than that.

Don’t Get Annoyed By These Common Camping Problems

But just because we love doing it, doesn’t mean there aren’t some things about camping that get on our nerves. With that, we’ve done our best to compile a lit of the most annoying things that happen at the campground – which we’ll call #CampingProblems – so that you can do your best to avoid these maddening campsite experiences.

Night Tent Camping Problems

It won’t always be this easy to get around at night

Waking up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Every camper has experienced this at some point, except RV-only campers. Escaping your sleeping bag, unzipping the tent and feeling your way around a pitch-black campsite to find the nearest bathroom (or bush) is never fun. 

Tip: Keep a flashlight directly beside your bed. 

Other campers that let their dogs bark non-stop. If you’re going to bring your dog to the campground, be sure to be courteous. Don’t tie your dog up at your campsite and leave for the day – everyone will hate you.

Tip: If you can’t keep your pup calm and quiet while at the campsite, consider leaving them with a relative or at a kennel.

Tent Pegs Camping Problems

Be aware of where you put these in, or you’ll regret it

Tripping over tent wires/stakes. Often happens during the aforementioned nighttime bathroom trips, but can also happen during daylight (especially after a few grown-up beverages.) Ending up face-first in the muddy campsite is not cool.

Tip: Don’t walk within a 3-4 foot perimeter of the tent. It’ll be worth it.

Wet firewood. The sun is setting, the temperature is cooling, and you’re ready to start the campfire. But your firewood Just. Won’t. Light. You probably should’ve covered it before that storm last night.

Tip: Start with paper and kindling, and stack your larger pieces nearby in hopes they dry out. Or use lighter fluid.

Backing your RV into a non-pull through campsite. While RVers generally don’t have as many gripes as tent campers do, there still are some minor annoyances. Backing up your big rig can be frustrating.

Tip: If you don’t have a friend to direct you, consider picking up a rear-view camera.

Annoying Bugs Mosquito Camping Problems

The bane of many campers existence

Bugs and bug bites. Ugh. The bane of every camper’s existence. You can apply all the bug spray in the world on an hourly basis, but it won’t keep the little suckers away from you. And once they gnaw on your ankles, the bites itch and and and no matter how much you scratch, they continue itching.

Tip: Pack all the citronellas candles you can carry, eat as much garlic as humanly possible, and invest in some high-quality DEET. Good luck.

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Tell Us Your Most Annoying Camping Problems

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