Cool Camping Gadgets for 2015

Cool Camping Gadgets 2015

We recently came across this list of the hottest new camping gear for 2015 by the Toronto Star. It’s a super great resource for campers so we thought we’d highlight some of the best camping gadgets 2015.

The list includes some pretty cool camping gadgets even the trendiest camper may not have picked up yet – from the pretty, to the handy, to the downright cool

Since camping is kind of our forte, we figured we’d add in a few cool new camping gadgets that we think they missed.

Three More Awesome Camping Gadgets

1. Light up your campsite with the BioLite NanoGrid. Saves you from fumbling for the flashlight when you need to navigate the campsite. Also comes in handy for charging your electronic devices.

2.Keep your canine happy and healthy with the Talos K9 Sky-Trak. Let them roam the campsite without worrying about losing your four-legged friend. Fido will be thanking you for not keeping him tied to the short leash all day.

3. Drink clean, safe water from anywhere with the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. It seems this would be useful for the more adventurous campers that like to head off the beaten path.


Jared’s Eurotrip – with his #LifeStraw in northern #Italy

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Give those three gadgets a try if you want to be to coolest person at the campsite.

One Last Camping Gadget You Should Check Out…

One gadget that comes in handy before heading to the campsite is the BookYourSite App for iPhone and Android.

Download to your mobile device to make researching and reserving a campsite as easy as pressing a button.

Book The Perfect RV Campsite To Show Off Your Camping Gadgets

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