13 Camping Items You Don’t Want To Forget

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You’ve been running around all day preparing for your upcoming camping trip. You’ve booked your campsite, you’ve bought food and drinks, and you’ve packed your clothes.

But in all that chaos, did you forget anything?

Commonly Forgotten Camping Item Checklist

This list of commonly forgotten camping items will help ensure you didn’t miss anything important before you hit the road.

Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #1

First Aid Kit

Forgotten Camping Item - First Aid Kit

The most important camping item – Image Source

We begin our list with arguably the most important, and forgotten, camping item. You hopefully won’t need a first aid kit on your camping trip, but if you do you’ll be very thankful you have it.

A proper camping first aid kit should have, at minimum: assorted bandages, gauze, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and tweezers. If you’re building your own first aid kit, be sure to store it in a water-tight sealed container. 


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #2

Clean Water

Forgotten camping Item Bottled Water

Bring a few of these, just in case – Image Source

Another emergency camping item you may not need, but you’ll never want to be caught without it.

Obviously most modern campgrounds will have clean running water, but if you’re heading out into the wilderness you’ll want a few bottles on hand.

If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, and love picking up new gear, you may want to grab a LifeStraw before your next trip!


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #3


Forgotten Camping Item Bagged Ice

Have a refreshing camping trip with this – Image Source

Speaking of water – everyone knows that nothing beats the heat on a muggy Summer day like an icy cold beverage.

Don’t get left with lukewarm water, sodas and juice boxes – think ahead and pack your cooler with as much ice as it can hold.

This is also important if you’re storing any meat or dairy products, as you won’t want them to spoil.


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #4


Forgotten camping Item Hatchet

The camping tool with many uses – Image Source

A number of different tools may come in handy on your outdoor camping adventure, but the most essential may be a hatchet, a small, single-handed axe generally used for chopping wood.

The heavy, flat back-end of the hatchet also doubles as a hammer, which will be useful when you’re trying to drive tent stakes into the ground with the bottom of your boot.


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #5

Garbage Bags

Forgotten Camping Items Garbage Bags

Clean up after yourself, even when camping! – Image Source

No camper should ever leave their campsite messy, and burning your garbage is not something any nature loving outdoors-person should consider.

The solution? Don’t forget garbage bags! Any trash you bring should be bagged and taken away for appropriate disposal, no matter where you camp.


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #6


Forgotten Camping Item Solar Powered Radio

The perfect camping radio – Image Source

Many people love camping just to enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature – the trees rustling, the birds chirping, or the crackle of the campfire.

However, there will be times when silence doesn’t cut it. For those, we you’ll want a radio or other music playing device.

We recommend a solar powered AM/FM radio to play some tunes while you sit around the campfire, or to listen in on local weather reports so you can decide whether to go for that hike or boat trip. 


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #7


Forgotten Camping Items Batteries

Stock up on these – Image Source

Every camper has cursed the day they’ve forgotten batteries. While solar-powered gear is cool and fun to use, it isn’t always convenient.

Keeping a spare battery stash in your RV, trailer or camping supply will ensure you don’t get stuck without a working radio or flashlight.


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #8


Forgotten Camping Item Flashlight

Don’t get caught in the dark – Image Source

Another very important camping item that is commonly forgotten. While the campfire and the beautiful bright stars may provide a good amount of light, you never want to get caught in the dark.

A flashlight comes in especially handy when you have to make a late night trip from your tent to the designated “bathroom.”


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #9

Knife/Cutting Board

Camping Forgotten Items Knife and Cutting Board

Don’t chop this off your camping checklist – Image Source

Sure, you may have packed the cooler to the brim with delicious campfire foods, but how are you gonna prepare it?

A knife is fairly obvious to even a novice camper, but what about a cutting board? You do NOT want to be slicing meat or vegetables on a spare piece of dirty firewood.


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #10


Camping Forgotten Items Firewood

Don’t expect to find this laying around the campground – Image Source

Never go camping assuming you’ll be able to find firewood at your campsite.

A. It’s highly-unlikely you’ll be able to find enough wood on the ground to fuel your fire for your entire stay, and

B. Chopping down living trees is not friendly to the environment or to your fellow campers.

Pick up a few bags of solid, dry firewood on the way to your site – if your campground isn’t selling it, there will likely be a friendly roadside vendor nearby. 


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #11

Bottle Opener

Forgotten Camping Item Bottle Opener

The ideal opener for all beverages – Image Source

Trying to enjoy a few tightly-sealed beverages without the help of a bottle opener has frustrated many campers over the years.

While a common lighter can work in a pinch, having a proper bottle opener/corkscrew combo will make enjoying a beer or glass of wine much simpler.

Plus, you’ll probably make some friends at the campground who didn’t bring their own.


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #12

Bathing Suits

Forgotten Camping Items Bathing Suit

You won’t be going for a dip without these – Image Source

Just about every campground has a pool, lake or ocean within walking distance. And if it’s a hot summer day, chances are you’ll want to cool off by going for a dip. The LAST thing you’ll want is to have to go swimming in your shorts and t-shirt.

Always, always remember to pack your bathing suit! If you plan on spending a long time, pack two or more suits – you never know when you’ll want a dry one.


Commonly Forgotten Camping Item #13

Deck of Cards/Board Games

Forgotten camping Item Board Games

Warning: Settlers of Catan can cause hurt feelings – Image Source

There’s plenty to do on a camping trip – nature walks, hiking, swimming – until it’s dark. Or Rainy. Or the kids get bored. It’s at that point that you’ll wish you had a few fun activities with you.

If you’re at a luxurious resort and have a WiFi extender on your RV, you may just pack your laptop/tablet and a charger.

If you’re into a more rustic version of camping, be sure to pack a deck of cards for guaranteed hours of entertainment. Board games also come in handy – we recommend Monopoly, Risk, or Settlers of Catan. 

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