Glamping: Everything You Wanted To Know

Eveerything you want to know about Glamping

Glamping is the hottest trend in vacation and travel. Camping isn’t just about tenting and RVing anymore – now people want to bring the splendour of a 5-star hotel with them. We examine the glamping phenomenon below.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping is a portmanteau of the words Camping and Glamour. It describes a luxurious style of camping that includes many amenities not usually included with camping.

Glamping rejects the ‘roughing it’ mentality of traditional camping, and instead encourages comfort and opulence while enjoying the great outdoors.

Essentially, glamping makes the campsite more like a luxury hotel suite and less like a means of basic wilderness survival.

History of Glamping

Glamping, while not always known by that name, has been around for longer than most imagine.

Sultans Ottoman Empire Glamping

Ottoman Empire Sultans wanted to travel in style, too

The act of luxurious, non-permanent travel lodging has generally been an activity reserved for the super wealthy throughout history.

The Sultans of the Ottoman Empire often had their servants build magnificent tent cities, filled with fine silk fabric and decadent food, as a place to stay while travelling.

In more recent times, wealthy Americans and Europeans on African Safaris could afford to be pampered despite being in the farthest reaches of African wilderness.

Types of Glamping

Glamping comes in many different forms. It is also known as luxury camping, comfortable camping, or boutique camping.

A “glamper” can stay in a hut, yurt, trailer, airstream, tipi, tents and even a treehouse!

Why Glamping?

A Modern Glamping Site

A very modern “Glampsite”

You get:

  • closer to nature and the outdoors
  • the ability to make a campfire and sit under the stars
  • to get away from the “hustle and bustle” of the big city

You won’t:

  • need to bring a tent with you
  • have to be at the mercy of the weather
  • deal with (as many) bugs

Go Glamping on Your Own Terms

While Glamping sounds like a blast for most people, it can be expensive – some specialized “Glamping” destinations can cost as much as $2000 a night (luxury isn’t cheap!)

But if that isn’t in your budget, you can get a close-to-glamping experience at other campground by following some of these tips:

  • Consider renting a cabin – many of the benefits of glamping, without the cost.
  • Have your significant other head to the campground early to set up your tent before you arrive in style and comfort.
  • Have the ingredients for some trendy cocktails packed.
  • Forget the sleeping bag – egyptian cotton bed sheets and an all-seasons duvet will make sleeping on that RV bed or air mattress much more enjoyable.
  • If your campsite isn’t too far from civilization – order delivery for dinner. (After all, you’re on vacation!)

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