8 Reasons Why Camping is Good For You

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8 Health Benefits of Camping With or Without Family!

Do you love camping? If you are not sure whether camping is really your thing or not, there is some information that could make you change your mind. And this is just how healthy camping can be for you! 

We are always trying the latest diet fads, working out and eating organically to stay healthy, so why not have a hobby or vacation that is going to be just as healthy for you!

There are several health benefits of going camping. Maybe you’ve experienced some of these already.


Camping Health Benefit 1: You are Unplugged

How many times do you check your cell phone, check Facebook or other social media sites, and check your email throughout the day? Most people don’t really pay attention to how much they are actually on their phone throughout the day.

However, take a few minutes and look around you while in a crowd, chances are, almost everyone is looking down at their phone. The problem is that excessive use of cell phones, tablets, and computers, in general, can lead to several health issues like severe neck pain and even some neurological issues.

In addition, excessive screen time has always been linked to sleep issues and even anxiety. Imagine going out to a campground where there are no cell phone towers anywhere…meaning that you have no signal. No having to answer a text or email, you can simply relax!

When was the last time that you relaxed?

Camping Health Benefit 2: Sleep Better

It may seem contradictory that you could sleep better while camping, but a study has proven that this may be the case.

According to a study at the University of Colorado Boulder, those who camped for a week were sleeping even better and had a better circadian rhythm compared to those non-campers.

It is believed that going to sleep with the sun is better than going to sleep with any type of artificial light that we all often have in our lives.


Camping Health Benefit 3: Take Care of your mental health better while outdoors

Anxiety, stress and other mental health issues are running rampant in our world today. Why are these things worse today than they were a hundred years ago?

While many people think that they were simply not diagnosed, it could be due to the amount of stress that we are dealing with today.

However, studies have shown that taking a few minutes to walk outdoors is vital for the mental health of those who are urban dwellers. Imagine what type of effect it would have if you were sleeping outdoors and enjoying this over a weekend or a week?!

Camping Health Benefit 4: Better Thinking

We all want to think that when it comes to how we think, we are always top notch. But, that is not always the case.

However, when you are camping in nature, you are going to find that your thinking process may be faster and even more clear than it was before. Why is this? The trees!

When we surround ourselves with trees, our brains are going to have more oxygen coming into them which then helps to boost the levels of serotonin, helping us to feel happier and lowering those stress levels in our bodies.

Camping Health Benefit 5: You are Going to Eat Better

When you are camping, you are going to be responsible for making your meals, and most people are going to be grilling or cooking over an open flame.

While those who are in an RV are going to have access to a microwave, cooking outdoors while camping is a time-honored tradition. And we are talking about more than just hot dogs, hamburgers and chips.

You can make an array of healthy food while camping that is going to help you to eat better than you would if you were at home!


Camping Health Benefit 6: You are Going to Get a Ton of Exercise

There are so many things to do while you are camping. It is not all about sitting around a campfire and roasting s’mores or telling ghost stories.

For those who may not work out every day, they are going to find that a weekend of camping will feel like they have hit the gym a lot!

While camping and hiking are always great activities that allow you to explore more of nature. You may also find that several campsites have activities on site that are going to encourage exercise in both adults and children.

For example, there may be swimming pools, biking trails and playgrounds for the kids.

The idea is to be active while camping so that you are not only having a relaxing experience but also getting some exercise.

Camping Health Benefit 7: Gives You a New Challenge

Are you happy doing the same thing day in and day out? Or do you wish for some challenge somehow? Most people like to have a challenge from time to time, and camping can be this challenge.

You are going to find that once you get to a campsite you may be challenged with finding the perfect way to set up your tent, or maybe you have never fished, but the area is known for fishing.

Why not give it a try? You are going to challenging yourself and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Camping Health Benefit 8: Quality Time for Families

With today’s busy family, most families are lucky to sit down for dinner together a few times per week.

Kids are often playing sports or playing on their electronics while the parents are working, cleaning the house and the like.

Camping allows the whole family to connect even better. Everyone will have to put down their electronics and pay attention to one another rather than the screen that they are used to.

This can be an amazing bonding time for families as they can not only talk, but they can participate in activities like fishing, a game of cornhole or just taking a simple walk through nature together. When can you think of the last time that you had this type of quality family time?

Most people can’t, and this is where it can happen!

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