Historic Camping Places in the US

Historic Camping Places in the US

The Top Historic Camping Places in the US

One of the best ways to experience the world is to get out into it.

For those who love to camp or who are ready to hit the road in their RV, one of the greatest ways to experience all that each area has to offer is to go to those historic camping locations throughout the United States.

The US is full of history and thanks to historical societies throughout the US, there are tons of campgrounds and historical sites that RVers and campers can discover and enjoy for days on end.

With this being said, here are some of the most historical camping areas that you can go to in the United States!

1. Go on the Route 66 Historical Tour

The Arizona area has tons of historical sites in it that are going to grab your attention and be great things to see if you are a history buff. The Grand Canyon, known as the one of the largest national historical sites throughout the United States, is located in Arizona.

In addition to the Grand Canyon, Arizona is home to Montezuma Castle National Park, Mystery Castle, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Bell Rock, the Rosson House, and many other historical sites.

For those who are ready to camp out while in the area, they are going to find that the Blake Ranch RV Park is going to have everything that you need!

There is Wi-Fi, a games area, hiking trails, horseshoes, a recreation hall and so much more.


In the New Mexico area there are tons of historical locations that are a must see. And before you head out, be sure that you check out the campsites that you can choose to stay in.

The American RV Park is one that allows for easy access, along with Hidden Valley RV Mountain Resort.

Some of the locations in this state that you may want to visit include Acoma Pueblo, the Bandelier CCC Historic District, Fort Bayard Historic District and many more!

2. The Grand Canyon is a Must!

While you are looking for historical landmarks to visit, you can’t miss out on visiting the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon has tons of things to do, and you are going to find that there are nearby campsites and RV parks that you can stay in while enjoying all that the Grand Canyon has to offer.

For example, Happy Jack Lodge & RV Park is going to put you into the wilderness, offering tons of things to do here!

You will also find that the Heber RV Resort is nestled right against the mountains to combat some of that desert heat that you may be in!

3. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Gettysburg area is perhaps one of the biggest historical buffs area for those who are highly interested in the Civil War.

After all, this is one of the largest battles that took place, and the history in this area is easily seen when passing through here.

Tons of movies, television shows and books have all been in this area, and you can actually see what this area is all about.

Check out the Western Village RV Park for easy access to campsites along with several amenities to make your stay even better!


4. Check out the Gold Rush!

The Gold Rush is one of those times in US history that is well known. It was a time categorized by exploration and the idea of making a better life.

While that way of life is no longer happening, they have preserved this for future generations to check out.

For those who visit here, they have several RV parks that they can choose from to use including Gold Country Campground Resort and Far Horizons 49er Village RV Resort.

Many places that are catering to the Gold Rush demographic are going to allow you to actually experience what a typical day in the life of a Gold Rush miner would have been like…the perfect opportunity for a history buff.

5. Massachusetts History at its Best

If you’re interested in the colonial and Revolutionary war, you may find that Boston is home to some of the best historical sites that are reminiscent of this time period.

There are plenty of museums and tours that can be taken to showcase the history of this area. You will also find several campgrounds in the area that are going to put you right into the midst of this history.

For example, the Boston Minuteman Campground! Salem, Massachusetts is a huge draw for tourists as the infamous witch hunts have been featured in movies and books.

Many people love going here, just to see what they have read about in person.

6. Civil War and Bourbon in Kentucky

If you are big on the civil war or even the history of bourbon that has shaped Kentucky, there are tons of historical locations throughout Kentucky to check out.

From Perryville Battlefield to the home of Makers Mark that is rich in Kentucky history, there is something for everyone! And if you are looking to camp, you will find that there are tons of campsites to choose from including Kentucky Hose Park Campground!

7. Go on the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is not just a computer game that was widely popular in the 80s and 90s…it was a historical adventure that happened!

You can easily trace their steps and see what all could have happened during this point in history!

The Oregon Trail Campground is one area to choose when staying here overnight. You will find traveling the Oregon Trail to be a lot easier now, but you can use your imagination to imagine what it would have been like back then.

governors-palace-58551_960_7208. See History in Action at Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a historical location that has done its best to stay as close to history as possible! Those who come here are happy to see the way that life was back then. And you have Jamestown that is nearby as well, for even more history!

There are several campgrounds in the area including The Colonies RV and Travel Park, along with Williamsburg/Bush Gardens Area KOA.

One of the best ways to really get up close and personal with the past is by traveling to those locations that showcase this rich history.

With the above-mentioned trips, you are going to find that this will not only give you the history that you desire but also be a great vacation that you are always going to remember. By taking your RV, you will feel right at home, no matter where you are traveling to.

To find the best RV campsites, be sure to check out BookYourSite.com for campsites located near historical locations or right in the midst of these.

You can read about these locations, finding the one that best suits your needs, and book this all online or via the app that you download to your phone! It is the easiest way to arrange a historical vacation.

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