Hot Dog Recipes for National Hot Dog Day

Creative Hot Dog Recipes

Happy National Hot Dog Day! Today, July 23rd, is the day to celebrate and enjoy the little cylinders of goodness that have become a national food staple.

Whether in the backyard, at the ballpark or around the campfire, hot dogs (A.K.A. tube steaks, wieners, frankfurters, etc) are a go-to snack or meal for many Americans. 

Many fast food chains are even offering free or cheap hot dogs in celebration of this glorious day!

Creative Hot Dog Recipes

In honor of this fantastic day, we’ve compiled a list of of our favorite hot dog recipes for you to enjoy!

Hot Dog Recipes Bacon Wrapped

Combine these for a crunchy hot dog experience! – Image Source


1) Bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs

Wrapping things in bacon can only make them better, right? For best results, wrap each weenie tightly with one strip of thick cut bacon, and consider using a toothpick to hold in place while cooking. Top with your usual condiments and enjoy the bacon-y goodness.


2) Mexican-style Dogs

Try a little south-of-the-border flavour on your hot dogs tonight! Slather guacamole on your bun before you lay down your dog, and top with salsa instead of ketchup. A few drops of hot sauce will get your taste buds excited.

Chilli Hot Dog Recipe

Ooey, gooey warm chilli dogs. Mmm… – Image Source


3) Chilli Dogs

In a previous post, we discussed making campfire chilli, and adding it to your campfire-cooked hot dogs to make an authentic campfire chilli dog. This is never a bad idea, especially on cooler evenings when you want some warm, delicious chilli in your belly.


4) Pizza Hot Dogs

If hot dogs are America’s favourite food, pizza is definitely a close second. Why not combine the two? Add tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni to the top of your hot dog bun, and toast in the oven or BBQ until cheese is melted. Place the hot dog on top and enjoy this tasty take on hybrid hot dog recipes!

Hot Dog Recipes with Chips

Combine these for a crunchy hot dog experience!


5) Crunchy Dogs

The go-to side dish for hot dogs at BBQs and campfire cookouts are potato chips. Try adding your chips right on top of the dog for a savoury, scrumptious meal with an added crunch! Mix it up by using different flavors of chips (we like All-Dressed!)

Enjoy National Hot Dog Day!

We hope this list gives you some inspiration for different things to try on National Hot Dog Day.

Head down to your local grocer, get some supplies and get those dogs cookin’!

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