How to Choose a Tent

How to Choose a Tent

How to Choose a Tent That’s Right For Your Camping Trip

Are you new to camping? Or maybe your old tent has seen better days. Whatever the case, choosing the right tent to take with you while camping is a priority for any camper.

Why is this? Your tent is your protection against the elements, for all intents and purposes this is your home while camping, so you want one that is going to offer protection, be comfortable and be easy to set up.

There are several factors that you have to consider when you are searching for the best tent to purchase for your camping adventures. Some of the main things to consider:

  • Sleeping capacity
  • The rated season for the tent
  • The features of the tent

How are you going to be using your tent? This is the first thing that you need to ask yourself.

Are you a lone camper that will be using this while backtracking through the wilderness? Or maybe this is going to be a tent for the entire family to enjoy?


Once you have a good idea as to what you are going to use this tent for, you can start your shopping!

Questions to Ask Before Buying

You know you need a tent for when you are camping, however, you are overwhelmed with all the options that you have when it comes to buying a tent. Here is a list of important questions to ask yourself:

  • Will you only be camping during one season or throughout the entire year? Camping in the summer is drastically different from camping in the winter.
  • How many people will share your tent on average? If you know that you are going to be taking the whole family most of the time, then you know that you will be sharing this tent with at least your family members.
  • Will you be camping at sites that you can drive up to or do you plan on doing some backpacking with this tent in your bag? This can affect just how heavy you want this tent to be.

Other things to consider is whether you want certain features in a tent. Did you have your heart set on a certain brand or color?

While the features can be a huge selling point for a particular tent, remember, that you want to keep in mind the functioning of this tent and how it will fit your camping requirements.

Tent Capacity: What to Look For

When it comes to tent capacity, you are going to want a tent that is going to fit all those whom you plan on going camping with. However, it is never that simple.

When a tent states that it has a certain capacity, you need to realize that this number is in tight quarters. If you have a two-person tent, chances are two guys who are extremely tall and big are not going to fit into this comfortably.

This is why many in the industry state that you should always buy up when it comes to capacity if you are wanting to have a tent in which you have a ton of room.

A 6-person tent is often more comfortable for 3 people with gear, a 4-person tent for 2 people with gear, and so forth.


Take whatever the recommended tent capacity is and divide this by half to get a better, more comfortable experience.

Also take into consideration if you will be camping with pets, who are also going to take up some of the room in the tent!

The Seasons for Tents

When you see tents on the market, you probably just see the shape and the space that the tent offers. This is normal.

However, each tent that you see has a rating for the season in which it is meant to be used.

Understanding what these ratings mean will ensure that you are choosing the right tent for your camping purposes!

A 1 to 2 season rating is given to tents that are meant for a specific type of water. In most cases, this is for summer weather with warmer temperatures and little precipitation expected.

These types of tents often have little waterproofing done to them since they are not meant to withstand a lot of rain. Those who use these tents are going to find that they are great for keeping you cool during the warm weather.

These are generally cheaper than other tents since they are so basic and not meant to protect during harsh elements. These types of tents are often considered great family tents as they are on the cheaper side of the tents and can be found in bigger sizes to fit the entire family.

If you are shopping for tents and you see no rating on this, then it is generally considered a 1 to 2 rating.

A 3-season tent is considered the all-around tent to purchase if you are not sure what type of season you will be camping in.

These are meant to handle moderate rain in the warmer and cooler temperatures, while also handling wind and even light amounts of snow. They are more sturdy than the 1 to 2 rated tents as they are great for all mild climates.

These tents are not intended to be used during extreme conditions, but they will last well in the rain as they most all come with a rain fly that covers a third of the tent.

A 4-season tent is designed for inclement weather. These are much heavier than those ratings before it, however, they are not really great for warm weather as they are not as breathable. This is a great tent for those who may be camping in winter-like conditions.

A 5-season tent is also called an expedition tent, and this is for extreme weather, specifically violently cold weather.

In most cases, no beginner or family campers will need this type of tent. It is often used by extreme campers or those who are camping for scientific purposes and staying in a location for a long period of time.


The Features of the Tent

For those who are looking at tents, there are several features that may be listed to pay attention to. Some of the important features that you’ll want to look for are the following:

  • Includes a rain fly
  • Has strong poles to withstand some wind
  • Has a ground covering to help ensure that you can set this tent up properly

Of course, keep in mind the size of the actual tent and the weight when carried. If you are backpacking to your location, you will want something that is lightweight to ensure you get to your camping location easily.

Choosing a tent is not as easy as going into a store or ordering this. You have to consider all the features, size, the rating as well as what type of camping you will be planning on doing. With these aspects in mind, you can make a great choice!

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