Luxury Glamping

Luxury Glamping

Your Guide To Luxury Glamping

When some people hearing the word ‘camping’, they often think of dirt, bugs, a sunburn, being miserably hot, and sweating throughout the entire day! In other words, they often think of this being a miserable experience.

However, that does not mean that people everywhere are avoiding the outdoors. In fact, many of these people are participating in what has been termed ‘luxury glamping’.

What is Luxury Glamping?

Luxury glamping is actually camping, with several distinctions that make it more enjoyable for those who want to get outdoors, yet really have those luxurious amenities that they are used to.

There are several different ways in which a person may go glamping. For example, they may go to a campsite that has glamping tents set up that have electricity in these, that allows for air conditioning, along with decorated interiors to give a feel of home.


Other options may include staying in a high-end RV while at a campground. The idea behind luxury glamping is to get those who are interested in enjoying the outdoors in the outdoors without having to deal with bugs, temperature changes, and other conditions that may deter you from ever going camping again!

How Do You Glamp?

How does one go about glamping? There are several ways! Due to the popularity of this activity, many campgrounds are starting to offer glamping options like cabins that can be rented that have those extra features that make being outdoors that much easier.

There are those who also opt to do their own glamping. For example, they may rent or purchase a luxury RV to go on their camping adventures in.

Or they may opt for an extra-large tent and only camp at those locations that have an electric hookup to ensure they have all the extras that they want.

The key to glamping is to look for opportunities in which you can still enjoy the great outdoors, while also being comfortable.


Who is Glamping For?

Who goes glamping? Glamping was once geared towards women only. However, there are tons of people who are going glamping.

Yet, while there are tons of women who are still glamping, there are just as many couples who are looking to use glamping as a cheaper alternative to a honeymoon, and even those who have children that are young who may not be able to handle the old fashioned type of camping that others do.

How to Get Started With Luxury Glamping

How should you get started with your glamping adventure? We have a few steps to follow:

  • Decide where you want to go glamping at. Remember, glamping is something that is taking place throughout the world. So, the chances of you finding a campsite in the North America location that is going to cater to your glamping needs.
  • What is your budget? This can help you to make a decision as to where you glamp at, as well as how you do this such as a furnished tent, your own RV, or other options.
  • Are there things that you must have? Know beforehand what you are willing to sacrifice on and what elements are a must have when camping!

The more you plan ahead of time and know, the better you are going to find a space that is going to ensure that you have a great glamping experience.

One of the best things about glamping is that you do not have to pack much for when you go glamping. In most cases, when you are glamping you are going to get to avoid packing a tent, a sleeping bag and other camping essentials that people pack with them.

However, there is still some camping gear that you are going to want to make sure that you still pack with you so that you can enjoy the nature around you:


  • Some cooking gear, such as a pot, pans, utensils and the like. This is something that will vary from glamping site to glamping site, so be sure to check with the one that you choose.
  • Bring lanterns and headlamps so that you can enjoy nature at nighttime safely.
  • You will need to bring your own food and drink while glamping.
  • Don’t forget the cleaning supplies as you will want to clean the dishes and the counters as you cook.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray are a must, remember, you are still going to be out in nature.
  • Be sure to bring the first aid kit as you are going to find that an accident can happen, even when you are glamping. This first aid kit should include things like calamine lotion, band-aids and other essentials.

With these items in mind, you are going to find that your luxurious glamping trip is going to be one that you remember for years to come!

Tips for Luxury Glamping in Style and Comfort

Whether you decide to glamp in an RV, a tent or a cabin, you are going to find that for those who are doing this for the first time, there are several tips that can help to ensure you have a great experience!

  • Choose a location that has other things nearby if you are interested in getting out and enjoying something other than the inside of your cabin/tent/RV. Many campsites throughout North America are close to tourist locations that attract people.
  • Pack tons of clothes! Just because you are glamping shouldn’t mean that you skimp on what you pack. Remember, you are still going to be doing things outdoors, so you have to pack clothing according to the weather conditions that you are going to be facing.
  • Consider sticking to one-pot cooking recipes! Many of the glamping situations that you find yourself in will have tons of kitchen space and gadgets for cooking. However, you are going to find that it will be easier on you to stick to foods that can be prepared in one pot rather than dirtying tons of cookware. The good news is that there are tons of camping recipes out there that only use one pot that the entire family will love.
  • There may be a few extras that you need to pack to make this glamping trip truly luxurious, such as: 
    • A portable coffee maker
    • Games and other items for if the weather turns rainy
    • Corkscrew for a bottle of wine

Remember, when you go luxury glamping, you can take those items that you want to take that are going to make your experience that much more enjoyable. Just don’t stop yourself from getting to enjoy nature.

Take a nature walk, watch a sunset or otherwise connect to nature. You may be surprised at just how much glamping can make you enjoy the nature that is around you.

For those who are ready to go glamping, or for those who are just looking for some good old-fashioned camping trips, they will find that has tons of campsites throughout North America that are ready for you.

It is simple enough to find the site that you want and book this via the website or the app for the time that you want to be camping.

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