New Lightweight RV Model Makes RVing More Accessible

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Do you want to go camping across the country in comfort and style, but don’t have a powerful truck to tow an RV big enough to hold your family?

New Lightweight RV Model is Easily Towable

Grand Design RV's New Lightweight RV Model

Grand Design RV’s New Lightweight RV Model

The Grand Design Recreational Vehicle Company is launching a new line of lightweight RVs that should make comfortable RV camping accessible to even more people.

The ‘Imagine’ line of RVs promise to feature the luxurious and spacious interiors of previous Grand Design RV models, while weighing in at less than 6,000 lbs.

This means that travellers who own a medium-duty truck or SUV will have no problem towing the Imagine RV.

Avid RVers purchasing an Imagine series RV won’t have to sacrifice room in pursuit of this lightweight RV. According to Grand Design, the Imagine will include:

  • Industry leading tank capacities
  • 30×36 walk-in shower with skylight
  • One 60×80 Queen-size bed
  • Dual wardrobe closets
  • Two Double-sized bunks
  • 32-inch LED TV entertainment center
  • Indoor micro-kitchen with large storage pantry 
  • Outdoor kitchen with gas range

“We wanted Imagine to not only hit the weight goals, but do it without the compromise that so many feel forced to in the pursuit of lighter weight” said Grand Design General Manager Micah Staley.

Lightweight RV Imagine Floorplan

Grand Design Recreational Vehicles, based in the rural community of Middlebury, Indiana, have become known for the beautiful and functional designs of the RVs and travel trailers they produce.

Take the Whole Family on Vacation with this Lightweight RV

Grand Design RV's New Lightweight RV Model

The ‘Imagine’ Lightweight RV Interior

Aiming to hit the “sweet spot” between comfortable RV travel and easy towing capability for most family-owned vehicles is a smart move for Grand Design. With an average lightweight RV travel trailer measuring approximately 16 feet and sleeping 3-4, the Imagine RV’s 30 foot length and 10 person capacity lets you take the entire family on vacation, no matter what tow vehicle you own!


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