11 Perfect Gifts For Campers and RVers

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These Are the Best Gifts For Campers in Your Family

For those people in your life who love to camp and RV, it can feel as though anything you get them for the holidays is something they already have.

And since it is that time of year again, let’s check out some gifts out there that are going to be perfect for the camper or RVer in your life!

Many of the following fits are going to make camp life a bit easier and more comfortable.

In addition, these gifts are going to be great for any camper or even those who RV as they will find a use for them while out and about in nature!

  1.     Travel Journals

If you know someone who is an avid camper or RVer who often has great stories to tell, why not get them a travel journal?

They can write in it about where they go, if they loved the campsite, what they did in the area that was noteworthy and even funny stories about their camping journeys.

It can be a great way for an avid camper to know what campsites that they must revisit later in the future.


  1.     Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle

Whether you RV or camp, having the proper cooking equipment can make all the difference.

A Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle can be a great gift for that person that seems to have it all, but it is also going to be something that they can use!

This is a high-grade griddle that is often considered restaurant style in that is a has a grease drain, and the plate helps to distribute heat making it easier to cook all the favorites!

  1.     A Rand McNally Tripmaker RV GPS

Those who travel in an RV know that a regular GPS sometimes doesn’t cut it.

In fact, a regular GPS can often give the person directions to turn without enough time to do so since RV’s are not mean to take tight turns.

This GPS is meant to accommodate RV’s helping to give them plenty of time to plan their trip and make the drive.

  1.     Silicone Flexible Shatterproof Wine Glasses

For those who camp or RV, at night there can be nothing more fun than simply sitting around the campfire and having a glass of wine.

However, many campers will attest to the fact that getting wine glasses to a campsite packed securely can be difficult.

This is why the silicone flexible shatterproof wine glasses were invented.

They are super bendable, are not going to break and they are going to be even easier to store in camping gear and easy to wash out every night.


  1.     Travel Cornhole Game

Sitting around the campfire at night is great. However, for many campers, they often want to play games and have fun.

A travel cornhole game is great for campers and RVers both as it can easily be packed and taken with you from campsite to campsite.

Imagine how many people your camper will get to meet who want in on a friendly game of cornhole?

  1.     Grilling Utensils Set

Over time grilling sets can become ineffective or even get lost.

For the avid camper or RVer, a grilling utensil set is always something that can be used!

Make sure that this includes spatulas, spoons, tongs and even knives for a complete kit that they will get a lot of use out of every camping trip they take.

  1.     Superhero Sleeping Bag

For families that go camping or RVing a lot, and for adults and children alike who love the world of superheroes, a Superhero Sleeping bag is going to be something that they love.

Even if they already have their own sleeping bag, this is going to be an item that makes their eyes light up!

  1.     Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

Have a person who loves to rough it when they go camping? Then this gift is a must-have!

The Katadyn Pocket Water Filter is meant to allow campers to use stream or river water and filter this for drinking use.

It can eliminate the need to carry tons of water bottles with them, which is always great when roughing it in the great outdoors.

Even for RVers who have water on board, this gadget can be fun to use and an experience that is one of a kind.


  1.     BioLite FirePit

In many campsites and RV sites, putting a fire on the ground is prohibited. Instead, people are encouraged to use their own personal fire pits.

However, these still require wood and they are rather large to carry with you.

The BioLite FirePit is a fan powered, smoke-free campfire that is controlled via a Bluetooth app.

It can easily transform into a Hibachi grill too. It is the perfect gift for avid campers as well as those who love technology.

  1.  Playing Cards

You can never go wrong with playing cards for a camping or RV lover, as there are always going to be times in which the weather may prevent a hike or other outdoor activity.

However, we are not talking about some average decks that you can buy anywhere.

Specifically, the Air Deck that was optimized for travelers.

The desk is waterproof, compact, lightweight and extremely durable, so it will last for many years to come!

  1.  A Traveling Shower

Most campsites do have running water attached to them for RVers, and there are often community showers at these sites for those who are camping in tents.

However, the Aquabot is making everything much easier! With this high-pressure soaker water bottle, it can be great for taking a makeshift shower, washing hands or even washing dishes after the meal is over.

It will quickly become a go-to when camping!

Bonus Gift: The Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner

This is a portable air conditioner that is meant to cool areas of up to 50 square feet. And better yet it can run on one charge for up to 50 hours!

Imagine this gift for anyone who may be camping in the summer heat in a tent or an RV!

Now that you have these 11 gift ideas, you are going to find that finding that special something for the camper in your life is easier than ever.

Some of these gifts are so cool, you may even find yourself buying one or two of them.

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