Rain Ruining Your Trip? Try These 7 Fun Family Camping Games

7 Rainy Day Camp Activities That Can Save Your Camping Trip

The Best Rainy Day Camp Ideas For Your Kids

One of the downsides to being in the great outdoors is the risk you take with the weather. The first minute you’re gathering wood for a campfire, and the next you’re looking up rainy day camp activities for the kids.

When you learn how to camp in the rain, you learn how to entertain yourself in many ways. Whether you have your children with you or not, the rain can really put a damper on your plans.

It can be hard to know what to do with kids when it’s raining, especially when they’re young and active.

Use this handy guide for inspiration to think of fun family indoor camping games that will entertain the kids until the rain lets up.


7 Fun Rainy Day Camp Activities

The rain might dampen the ground, but don’t let it get to your spirits, too.

You have options to choose from. Here are some fun rainy day games for kids that will make them forget it’s even raining outside. As an added bonus, you can use camping supplies you already have.

A rain tarp for camping should always be included in your supplies, whether you’re expecting the rain or not. This will give you some extra dry space without cramping inside your tent, giving you more room for some fun rainy day camp activities.

Try these fun ideas the next time it rains on your camping trip.

7 Rainy Day Camp Activities That Can Save Your Camping Trip

1. Use Your Marshmallows Without a Fire

Marshmallows aren’t just for s’mores anymore! Instead, you can use them to inspire creativity and innovation in your children!

Have the kids use the sweet treats for crafts. If you don’t have enough marshmallows, use whatever snacks or candy you have with you. They can build towers, forts, castles… whatever their little imaginations can think of.

If you’ve brought stable munchies like pretzel sticks, you can use those to hold the structures together. When the building materials break, you can just eat them. There’s a win in this situation for everyone.

The beauty about marshmallows is that they’re sticky, so if you need to hold something together you can just bite them in half and use the sticky inside like glue.


2. Try a Classic Game of I Spy

If you’ve never heard of I Spy, chances are your kids have. This game is one of the best fun family camping games because you can do it anywhere, even if it isn’t raining. Even if you’re at home or on the road, you’ll still be able to enjoy it.

It’s a very simple game. Someone starts, and says, “I spy with my little eye something that is…” and then they insert an adjective to describe what they’re looking at. The rest of the players guess what they’re describing.

For example, if you’re looking at your red coffee mug, you’d say, “I spy something that is red.” Then, your family guesses objects that are visible until someone gets it right.

If there are 3 wrong guesses in a row, then the player can give a clue or a hint to help everybody out.

7 Rainy Day Camp Activities That Can Save Your Camping Trip

3. Test Your Skills With Kitchen Tent Bowling

If you’ve brought a kitchen tent with you, it’s a great opportunity for doing a little tent bowling.

This is also a benefit of having a rain tarp for camping trips that end up rained out. You should have enough space under the tarp to set this up.

Just fill up some empty water bottles with sand, dirt, or water. Then set them up and let your kids kick a soccer ball to knock them over.

Anything round generally works for this activity, so if you don’t have a soccer ball you can use something else.


4. The “Head, Body, and Legs” Game

This one comes to you from an article in the Guardian. If your family loves to get silly, this one’s for you. To do this game you need a pencil and paper.

Give everyone a sheet of paper and ask them to draw a head and a neck. Don’t show anyone. When everyone’s done, they need to fold the paper back so that only the base of the neck is showing.

Everyone passes their paper to the person on their left. Then, without looking at the head, draw a body. When you’re done that, fold the paper back again so just the bottom of the body is showing and pass it again to the left.

The last round is for the legs. Once that’s completed, open up the full drawing to see what you’ve created.

7 Fun Rainy Day Camp Activities to Play With Your Kids

5. Play a Riveting Game of Charades

We all know how to play charades because it’s one of the most classic rainy day games for kids you can think of. It never fails to get a good laugh out of everyone.

Try changing things up by creating themes for each round, or creating some restrictions. For example, you could limit the performance space or restrict anyone from saying how many words there are.

To make things more exciting, you can set a wager on the game. Try out these ideas: whoever’s team loses has to paddle the canoe the next day, be in charge of the next fire, or cook breakfast for everyone.


6. Be Prepared and Bring Activities to do

Every parent knows that when you’re traveling with children, you should always be prepared. This means bringing activities along to prepare for rainy day situations. Coloring books, books to read, and activity pads are great activities for camping.

The best rainy day games for kids are those board games that everyone can play and that will kill enough time to wait out the rain. Think Monopoly, Scattergories, and Pictionary.

You can put together your own bad weather kit by using a guide like this one to be parent of the year and always know how to camp in the rain like a pro.

7 Fun Rainy Day Camp Activities to Play With Your Kids

7. If all Else Fails, Embrace the Rain!

You’re outside, so why not just have fun in the rain? Kids generally don’t care whether they’re out in the rain or not. In fact, they’ll probably have a great time playing with the puddles, exploring nature in the rain, or checking out the cool bugs that come out in the mud.

Once it stops raining, locate some dry firewood from the camp store or under your handy rain tarp and warm up by the fire. If you can’t do this, you can still heat some water over the stove and make some hot chocolate!


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