The 4 Most Relaxing Camping Activities For Adults

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Fun Camping Activities for Adults

When you hear the word ‘vacation’ what comes to mind? For most, ‘vacation’ and ‘relaxation’ go hand in hand.  Vacation time usually resembles a break and relaxing camping activities for adults is something we can all enjoy!

Whether it be a break from work, school, the kids or even your spouse, it is something that everyone looks forward to.  

While some people like to spend their vacation catching up on projects, embarking on new adventures or making time for friends and family, it is always important to give yourself time to relax.

One of the main reasons why people choose to go camping is because it provides them with an escape from their day – to – day life. They can immerse themselves in nature and be as in touch or out of touch with the outside world as they choose to be.

Nothing is more relaxing than being surrounded by your favorite outdoor scenery. In this article, will give you tips to ensure that your next camping vacation is as relaxing as it should be.

Tips for a Stress-Free, Relaxing Camping Trip

Step # 1: Choose Your Ideal Location

This seems like a give in, but there are definitely some crucial factors to keep in mind when choosing the perfect relaxation campsite.

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Things to Look For

  • Choose a campsite near an area or setting you enjoy. Do you love waking up to the sounds of birds chirping? If so, pick a site near the forest. If not, choose something closer to a quiet body of water or perhaps near the beach!
  • Do long car rides stress you out? Pick a site close to home. If you enjoy a trip along the open road, then pick a destination that allows for a road trip.
  • Be aware of the type of campsite you choose. A busy site with a lot of children or large parties may hinder your ability to relax. Call ahead to make sure there are no surprises.
  • Choose a site with shaded areas and also those that are exposed to sunlight, this will help you dry wet clothing, stay warm and cool down.
  • Avoid areas heavy with mosquitoes and other insects. Tending to bites and itches is NOT relaxing.

Once you have chosen your perfect location, make sure you book your camping trip in advance. This will allow you time to prepare and pack.

It will also eliminate a lot of the stress of last minute booking and will ensure that you can secure your perfect relaxation destination. 

Step # 2: Prepare for Your Trip

We know what you’re thinking… preparing doesn’t sound like a very relaxing word. You’re right, it isn’t! However, what you sacrifice now in terms of preparation and planning, you will gain at the campsite. We promise!


The more time you spend preparing for your trip prior to your trip, the less you have to worry about when you’re actually on it. And what does that mean? More time for you to sit back and RELAX!

So, at this point you’ve already completed Step # 1, you’ve chosen your site and have either booked it or are in the process of doing so.

Now is the time to consider any activities you would like to take part in throughout your trip. We aren’t necessarily suggesting that you take up rock climbing or white water rafting, those don’t sound too relaxing to us.

There are plenty of relaxing things that are offered by the great outdoors and most of them are fairly inexpensive! (Bonus!!) Some of these activities may require you to purchase or rent additional equipment so, if you plan to take part in them, make sure you include plan accordingly.

In the preparation process, you want to make sure you make a list! Creating a list will prevent you from forgetting important items at home. This list will include everything you need to get ready leading up to the trip.

The list should also include any food, drinks, chairs, sleeping bags, blankets, tools and entertainment that you might need for your trip.

Preparing well in advance will provide you with time to go shopping for materials and camping must-haves,*cough cough* marshmallows!

Step # 3: Packing!

For a lot of people, this is the most stressful part of any trip. Packing for a camping trip can be a dozen times as frightening because if you forget something important, you may not have any other resources to replace it.

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Luckily for you, we thought of this! Yeah, you’re welcome. Remember when we had you create that pesky list and prepare your resources well in advance? Well, that should take a tonne of the work out of packing.

We suggest that you pack lightly for a relaxing camping trip, and only bring the necessities. It’s easy to over pack and this is definitely not something you want to do.

When in doubt, consult the list. We even recommend making a condensed list, AKA a list where you have scratched off a few items that you don’t really need to bring with you.

In terms of food, choose items that are easy to prepare and clean up. Things like hotdogs, S’mores, hamburgers, eggs etc. are campfire basics for a reason!

Bored of those options? Choose items that don’t require any cooking, like chips, crackers, peanuts or raw veggies. You could even purchase frozen food that you can easily heat in a skillet over your fire.

Just make sure you have a cooler and plenty of ice, or a small fridge if you are staying in an RV.

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Also, make sure you pack your favorite relaxation tools!

Depending on the camper this could mean some quality reading material, their fishing box, a guitar, a telescope or even just a comfy blow-up mattress and sleeping bag.

Whatever it is that makes YOU feel relaxed, bring it! Unless of course, it’s a five-star hotel, in that case you should have stopped reading after the first sentence.

Step # 4: Enjoy Your Trip!

SO you’ve booked, you’ve planned and you’ve even packed. All that’s left is for you to embark on your camping journey and of course, to enjoy it!

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Here are a few extra tips to ensure that you embrace all that nature has to offer.

  • Breathe deeply. There’s nothing more relaxing and soothing then inhaling the fresh, oxygen rich air of nature.
  • Turn off your phone! Nothing destroys a relaxing moment like a noisy phone call or a stressful work email. Turn of your device and focus on what’s really important, YOU.
  • Interact with nature. Take a moment to observe all the beauty that surrounds you. You might get lucky and spot something cool. Just make sure you aren’t disturbing any potentially dangerous creatures.
  • Spend quality time with loved ones. If you are travelling with family or that special someone or even just a group of friends, take this opportunity to bond with them!
  • Sleep in! Nothing is more satisfying than waking up naturally, on your own, with nature as your alarm clock. Take this opportunity to awaken naturally to a chirping bird or the warming glow of the sun.

We hope that these tips are helpful for you on your next camping endeavor and that you are able to fully embrace relaxation mode.

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