4 Romantic Camping Tips For Couples

Tips to Planning a Romantic Camping Trip

Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples

Now camping isn’t the first date idea that comes to mind when you’re thinking of a romantic outing or romance in general. However, if done right, it can be the perfect way to celebrate any occasion with your special someone. So we have 4 romantic camping tips for your trip!

Camping is a great way to escape reality, technology, and social media. This allows for an intimate time between you and your loved one without the interference of a Facebook message or an Instagram notification.

Instead of staring at a desktop or a phone screen, you and your special someone can enjoy the view of mother nature – a beautiful sky and scenery. 

Although that all sounds quite lovely – a romantic camping trip can only be achieved if proper planning happens prior to the trip.

There is some sort of art to planning a romantic date night in the woods. To ensure that you and your partner get the full outdoor experience with a hint of romance, we compiled a list of tips to help you plan out your romantic outing!

1. Choosing the Perfect Location

This ultimately sets the entire mood. Find the perfect location that is suitable for you and your date. Consider certain activities and scenery you both enjoy.

Are you guys looking to have an evening swim or go on a woodsy hike? Do you guys like the soothing sound of a rushing river nearby?

Once activities and interests are determined it is now time to do some research. Search up nearby campsites using the BookYourSite App, which fall into the activities and interests discussed. To keep the date intimate, it is important to consider sites which are more secluded to ensure privacy.

Another thing to consider is finding a site which isn’t full of family campers or RVs – again, for privacy reasons. Mind you, the more secluded the site is, the longer the trek may be to get to that specific location.

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect campsite – you can simply book your site through our BookYourSite App available for both Android and Apple products. This will simplify the site booking process and can easily be done right at your fingertips!

2. Make a List

Visualize your dream romantic camping getaway. What do you see? Do you see cozy blankets, simple yet delicious foods and treats, and wine

When you visualize your ideal romantic camping trip, it is easier to pinpoint what both you and your date are expecting. Make a list of these ideas! Everything you visualize is possible – as long as you don’t forget them. Jot them down!




3. Prepare a Meal or Menu 

What’s a date night without food? Food is an essential when it comes to planning the perfect date. It is no different when planning a romantic camping trip.

When choosing the essentials for the feast,  consider your favorite foods and your partner’s. Also consider packing – because a nine course meal isn’t ideal when in the wild. This is where research comes in handy. Search up some meal ideas, dessert ideas, and snacks!

Just because this date is in a campsite setting, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a hint of class. Bring nice plates, glasses, and cutlery to add that touch of romance and class. 

Extra things to consider would be lanterns, LED tea lights, and of course wine to emphasis the romantic atmosphere you are aiming for.

4. Camping Goodies You Want to Consider

  • an air mattress to ensure comfort or a two-persons sleeping bag
  • extra pillows and blankets to keep cozy
  • batteries and solar powered lights
  • a portable music player to set the mood and atmosphere
  • a cooler to store food and drinks
  • cards and board games for that extra hint of fun





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