The Most Important RV Camping Accessories

Heading out on your first big RV camping trip of the summer season?

First step – use, the BookYourSite iPhone App or the BookYourSite Android App to help find the perfect campground to park your big rig.

After that, don’t forget to grab these absolutely essential RV camping accessories before you hit the road.

RV Set-up & Safety Accessories


Rain, cooking, cleaning clothes, washing dishes, and temperature changes can all cause moisture to collect in your RV.

Condensation and moisture can collect in the walls and enclosed spaces, leading to mold, mildew and other damage to your camper.

Be sure to protect your RV with a dehumidifier! Try the Eva-Dry E333 Dehumidifier, which doesn’t require cords or batteries and is completely reusable, making it the ideal choice for RVers.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A blown tire can quickly ruin a RV camping trip, not to mention cause damage or injuries.

Keep an eye on your RV tire pressure while driving with an electronic Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS). These easy-to-install systems alerts the driver to high pressure, low pressure and abnormal tire position on a dash-mounted monitor.

Keep your family and your Motorhome safe with the RV Flow-Through 6 Sensor TPMS, which features a portable and rechargeable monitor so you never have to worry about batteries.

Rear-view Camera

Every RV camping veteran knows one of the most difficult parts of heading out on an RV camping trip is backing your camper into your campsite. You can have family members slowly wave you into position, or you can purchase a rear-view camera like the Rear View Safety RVS-770613 Video Camera, which will give you an HD view of what’s behind your RV on the 7-inch display.

RV Cooking Accessories

Cast Iron Cookware

If you’re going to be doing lots of cooking on your RV trip, we highly reccomend picking up a few pieces of cast-iron cookware. Why cast iron? It’s durable, easy to clean, and it can be used on virtually any heat source. That means whether you’re frying bacon in the camper on a rainy morning, or searing a steak over the campfire, you’ll be able to use your cast iron. This 6-piece cast iron set has everything you’ll need to prepare a campsite feast over the fire or on the grill. Speaking of grills….


Nothing beats cooking outside a beautiful summer day. Make it easy with a propane BBQ that works perfectly with your RV. This Olympian Portable BBQ is made specifically for RV campers – it can hook directly onto the side of your big rig with a mounting bracket, and plug directly into your propane tank so there’s no need to worry about mini propane tanks.

Indoor Cooking

Unfortunately, it won’t always be awesome BBQ weather on your RV trip. For those times, you’ll need to do your cooking indoors. If your RV doesn’t have a stove (or you just prefer not to cook with propane) we suggest picking up an electric cooking element. You can try a traditional electric griddle, but for the easiest solution (you ARE camping, after all) pick up a Nu-Wave Infared Tabletop Oven for easy and healthy meals.

RV Camping Entertainment & Comfort

Portable WIFI hotspot

The days of ‘roughing it’ are in the past – if you enjoying travelling in the comfort of your recreational vehicle, you’ll want speedy internet access for your computer, tablet or phone.

Many campgrounds provide internet access, but the signal can be weak and slow by the time you get to your site.

Fix that with a Mobile Hotspot like the AllPro RV Wifi Range Extender, which will take the campground’s WiFi and supercharge it, with speeds up to 150mbps and a range of up to 20 miles.

Solar Device Charger

Once you have a strong internet connection, you’ll want to log on with your mobile device. But what happens when your battery runs out?

Recharge the environmentally friendly way with a solar powered device charger. This Model by Solio can recharge a cell phone twice over from one full solar charge. Now you can text, tweet or play Angry Birds while camping and not worry about preserving your battery.

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