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RV driving school Safety Program Now Available Onlline

“With our new online program, a student can learn everything from the basic driving refreshers we all need, to the complexities of negotiating all roads in an extended wheel-base vehicle with real tail-swing,” said Walter Cannon, executive director of the RV Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF), regarding RV driving school and safety programs.

RV Driving Safety Course – Updated for Online Users

RV owners are now able to access the RV Driving Safety course online – right from home! This three-year-long project has finally been released and will be changing the lives of RV owners everywhere.

Allowing accessibility to the RV Driving Safety course online will allow for RVers to study and learn all they need to know about RV safety wherever they are and whenever they want. 

The Online RV Driving Safety course encourages RV owners to drive safely and responsibly. This program will teach many RV drivers what to be aware of and how to handle certain situations they may encounter while on the road.

Some of the objectives RVers are expected to gain out of this online program are:

  • understanding your vehicle more
  • increased driver awareness
  • driving condition awareness
  • and so much more…

This program is supported by multiple insurance companies and The National Safety Council/RVIA/RVDA. Discounts may be available – depending on your insurance provider. 

The Requirements for the Online RV Driving Safety Course

The program enrollment is currently priced at: $49.95. A detailed course-companion manual can be purchased for an extra $20.00. The online course also requires about six cumulative hours in total. 

“We know it sounds like a fair bit of time and cost but many insurance carriers support this safety course by offering discounts to policy holders presenting our Certificate of Completion,” Cannon explains.



The Goals for the Online RV Driving Safety Course

RVSEF ultimately created the online course in hopes that it will educate more RV drivers – ensuring the safest and most responsible driving habits are in constant use while going on your next adventure. The goal isn’t just to promote the freedom of the RV lifestyle but to also promote safety for those on the road – including yourself and others.

Allowing online access to the program should allow for more educated RV drivers and increase awareness of things that can happen while traveling. The Online RV Driving Safety Program is available at

Although RV-ing is “recreational,” it should still use all the safest practices to prevent potential hazards. Enjoy your next RV trip with confidence knowing that you have enough knowledge to keep everyone safe.

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Take all you’ve learned from the online RV Driving Safety Program on the road this year!

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