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3 RV Lifestyle Tips For Groups or Couples

“If you would’ve told me that at 25 years old I’d be living fulltime in an RV… I might of thought you were crazy,” Heath wrote on his blog. “But living in an RV has been the biggest adventure of our lives to date.”

#1 Full-Time Living in an RV50 States, 50 Jobs, 1 Honeymoon

Newlyweds, Heath and Alyssa Padgett didn’t opt for a traditional honeymoon. Instead the young couple from Austin, Texas took some RV lifestyle tips and jumped on an RV from Winnebago and began their travels to all 50 states while working a new job at each stop! The couple also filmed a full-length documentary of the full experience.

“Hourly America,” the title of their documentary, showcases their experience living in an RV. The documentary also shows Heath working multiple jobs in order to continue their ventures in all 50 states.

The Padgett’s found that using an RV was the most budget-friendly and efficient way to travel, especially with the extensive traveling they had planned.

The Padgett’s claimed they naturally fell in to the RV lifestyle as they both had recently graduated from college and had worked in office jobs previously. However, both of them were seeking adventure and change.

#2 Open Road, Open Opportunities 

Once they began their journey on the road, the couple discovered the number of possibilities and opportunities the nation has to offer them. “You always think of being a lawyer, teacher or accountant, but what I learned on our tour across the country is that there are so many jobs available you would have never considered before,” Heath expresses.


The Padgett’s plan on releasing their full-length documentary this spring. Even though they crossed off traveling to all 50 states off their bucket list, they are still choosing to live full-time in an RV.

#3. New Beginnings 

Heath expressed that their main priority right now is to create a lifestyle that will allow them to travel and do what they love, which includes writing and film making. 

“After we hit the road, it became pretty clear the whole RV thing was pretty cool. While we worked to complete our 50 state-cross-country adventure, we met tons of other travelers and creative professionals who had found different ways to earn an income while traveling,” Heath Padgett shares.

In order to fulfill those goals, the young couple purchased a new Winnebago Brave motorhome in 2015. This allows them to have a larger work space to continue to write blog articles for: Winnebago Industries, DoItYourselfRV, RVShare and Good Sam.

The couple named their new Winnebago, “Merica the Brave,” in honor of their trip across the United States.

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