Why RV Parks and Campgrounds With WiFi Systems Rock!

Campground WiFi Systems

 A Campground WiFi System That Works!

Imagine if every campground and RV park had a hardcore campground WiFi system? You know you’ve had a hard time trying to upload your family’s camping or road trip pictures on to Facebook or Instagram with shoddy wi-fi signals.

Wi-Fi is a technology that uses radio waves to provide network connectivity. A Wi-Fi connection is established using a wireless adapter to create hot-spots. This means the areas in the vicinity of a wireless router can connect to the network and have access to internet services.

Why Does My Campground Need WiFi?

An internet search for campground Wi-Fi reveals that you’ve probably searched for it, you want Wi-Fi, or you’re wanting the RV Park or campground to upgrade whatever existing system it is you have.

But why?

To put it simply campers want WiFi, and they will do what they have to, to get it!  

How Will WiFi Help My Campground?

In Kampgrounds of America’s 2015 North American Camping Resort, campers stated that they valued Wi-Fi at campgrounds just as much as whether or not the campground was kid-friendly or allowed them to bring pets.

This is to say our mobile devices, iPads and iPods are basically a member of the family, we can’t just leave them at home!

Camping with WiFiInternet connectivity has been tailored to meet the demands of mobility as smartphones and tablets have changed the way and frequency users access online content.

Campers want to be able to access their email, send a message, or simply stay current with any news. This is apart of most of our daily routines and we don’t want this pattern to be altered just because we are on vacation!

The report also stated that 31 percent of campers who have access to the internet while camping are using social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share their experiences at the campsite.

RV Parks with Wifi Rocks!Whether it’s a selfie, a picture of the campfire, or the beautiful outdoors, you want your campers to be highlighting the features of your park. Giving campers access to Wi-Fi, amplifies the amount of content that will be shared over the internet about your grounds!

Additionally, available online services like Netflix and Pandora, both of which offer streaming digital content, have become customary alternatives to television and radio. WiFi allows campers to stream movies of their choice, or play their signature campfire tune without hoping it’s going to play on the radio!

It’s safe to say having WiFi maximizes convenience and pleasure of each camper’s stay, which is likely your ultimate goal as a campground.

How To Get WiFi For My Campground?

There are several options available for campground owners when it comes to installing or improving Wi-Fi on their grounds. The dynamic nature of the outdoors and campsites such as trees and metal walls of RV’s become obstacles to great signals.

Campgrounds with wifi make campers happyConsult with professional providers to bring the best available Wi-Fi option for your park. Something to consider is tiered pricing; a feature that allows for basic free access, as well as paid premium access, which would allow campers to choose a WiFi option that meets the needs of their desired camping experience.

Although the creation of a campground WiFi network poses challenges, seeking out solutions to providing your campers with the access to it, is an investment worth the time and money.

WiFi has become a priority for campers when considering campgrounds. This could ultimately be a decision between booking your park or another campground. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to maximize your camping stays.

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