The Ultimate Guide to Your Ideal RV Road Trip

RV Road Trip with Family

The Best Tips for Your Next RV Road Trip

Taking an RV road trip is the perfect way to bring your family closer together.

Adventure awaits when you decide to ditch conventional vacations and experience the beauty of the open road. You may start out as novices, but you’ll become camping experts in no time at all.

While renting an RV is perhaps the easiest for first-timers, buying a used RV is also an easy and affordable way to travel with your family. The decision to purchase an RV requires careful consideration. But, if you decide to take the plunge, it will truly change the way you live.

Planning for your RV road trip can be rather daunting. If you have never experienced crossing the country in an RV or staying at a campsite rather than a hotel, there can be a bit of a learning curve.

Luckily, being prepared ensures your RV road trip surely wont be your last.

Family sitting by RV during RV road trip

TIP #1 – Plan Ahead

Before your pile in your RV and hit the road, there are a few essential steps that will ensure your family has the best trip ever.

Not being properly prepared leads to unnecessary stress and frustration, especially for first-timers.

Along with making sure that your essential gear is packed, visualize each leg of your trip ahead of time. Cash for toll booths and campsite reservation confirmations are examples of items that can be easily overlooked.

If it is your first time driving an RV, do a test run ahead of time to familiarize yourself with such a large vehicle. Practicing before you depart will make you more comfortable when driving your RV in unfamiliar areas or inclement weather.

RV in beautiful landscape on road trip

TIP #2 – Expect the Unexpected

If you are taking off on your familys first RV road trip, youll quickly realize that unexpected situations always arise.

While unpredictable situations are hard to plan for, experienced campers all have a spare roll of duct tape and knowledge of convenient camping hacks for this very reason.

One thing to remember is to pack a spare set of keys for your RV and keep them on your person at all times. The last thing you want is to get locked out in the middle of nowhere.

The most important thing you can bring with you, however, is a positive attitude. Like life, RV road trips are about the journey, not the destination. Trust us, you will eventually grow to love these unexpected bumps in the roadwhen you travel.

TIP #3 – Put Safety First

While you cant plan for everything, being prepared for medical emergencies is a must. When you are in the wilderness, you want to be able to properly care for your family should a crisis occur.

Always have a properly stocked first aid kit and an emergency kit on your RV.

Your emergency kit should include things like a flashlight, knife, batteries, rubber gloves, matches, and more. Be sure to also include In Case of Emergencycontact information and a list of your familys allergies and medications.

Create laminated checklists with all necessary emergency items. Use a dry erase marker to ensure that your emergency kit is fully stocked before every single trip.

First aid kit for your RV road trip

TIP #4 – Lighten the Load

Often, people are so focused on what to pack in their camper that they dont consider what not to pack.

Although an RV is meant to feel like your home away from home, never forget that camping trips are meant to be minimalistic experiences.

One of the best ways to lighten your load is to plan meals ahead of time. First-time campers usually purchase an unnecessary amount of food just in case.Plan every single meal so that you dont go overboard.

While water is a necessity, having too much can add hundreds of unnecessary pounds to your RV. Unless you are planning on Boondocking, the campsites you are visiting will most likely have water hookups for you to use.


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TIP #5 – Plan For The Worst…

Although everyone hopes it never happens to them, accidents do occur when you are on the road.

RVs, like any vehicle, can break down unexpectedly. We recommend having a small tool kit and jumper cables always on hand for this reason.

Before you depart, be sure to contact your insurance provider to see if your current auto insurance covers your RV. Also, inquire whether your roadside service covers RVs in case you need to call a towing service. If you plan on renting an RV, be sure to have a conversation with the rental service about what their insurance does – and does not – cover.

Driving more than 400 miles in an RV at one time is not recommended. Even if you are excited to get to your destination, dont overdo it when it comes to driving your RV.

RV being towed on road trip

TIP #6 – Maximize The Fun

At its core, planning an RV road trip is all about creating lifelong memories with your family. This kind of family vacation allows you to unplug your electronic devices and reconnect with each other.

Create a memorable travel experience by using a physical map and compass to get your entire family involved in navigation. Playing classic campsite games like cornhole, cards, and kickball are also great ways to socialize with your family.

If you have older kids who are hooked on their electronic devices, try geocaching at your campsite. Compile a list of coordinates from the web ahead of time and use a GPS to go on a virtual treasure hunt in the wilderness.

RV campers participating in geocaching treasure hunt at the campsite

Get Ready for your RV Trip

Want to ensure that your RV trip is an amazing and unforgettable experience? Visiting is a must.

Find the perfect campsite for your RV by searching thousands of campgrounds and RV parks in North America. You can easily view accommodations that are perfect for your specific camper, making planning as simple as a couple of clicks!

Visit the website to make a reservation with the press of a button. Or, download the app to conveniently take care of everything right from your mobile device.

Find your perfect RV road trip campground

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