RVing Across America: 13 Easy Ways to Go Green in Your RV

RVing across America. Tips for eco-friendly camping and RVing.

How To Go Green When RVing Across America

There are several people who when they go camping, they go in style. They often use their RV as their home away from home when RVing across America.

In addition, there are many people who live out of their RV so that they can see the world at any time that they want. An RV can contribute a lot to the carbon footprint on Earth.

For those who are wanting to reduce their carbon footprint,  there are a few ways to go green with your RV, whether you are using it for camping trips or living in it full time.

See how many of these that you can use in your RV!

1. Consider Living off the Cord!

This refers to how much energy you are using while camping in your RV. There are several campsites throughout the United States and Canada that offer places to park your RV that will not use electricity.

These are often more primitive and gets you in touch with nature better than other RV lots for camping. There are no electrical or even water hookups.

The hardcore people who are wanting to go green find that this is a great way to do so. For those newbies, maybe work your way up to this!


2. Have a Water Filtration System in Your RV

Be sure that your RV is equipped with a quality water filtration system. This can help to reduce the number of water bottles that you go through.

Better yet, be sure to invest in a reusable water bottle to use with your water filtration system to make an even bigger impact.

3. Ensure the RV has Low Flow Faucets

Many people who own homes understand that low flow faucets are meant to help with their water bills as it reduces the flow of water in the shower heads.

It does the same thing in RV’s! Those who install these are going to find that they use less water, impacting Mother Nature less.

4. Invest in a Solar Panel

For those who want to ensure that they do have some of the electronics and amenities that come with power, consider a solar panel.

Many people who RV camp have a few solar panels that are enough to use their electronics and other power appliances.

Those who want to go big can even have an RV that is outfitted in these completely to make them completely reliable on green energy.


5. Use Bio-Diesel for Fill-Ups

Bio-diesel is one of the greener fuels that can be used, however, you are not going to be able to find this everywhere. Filling up with this every few times is better than doing nothing!

6. Ditch all the Disposables

When you are in the RV and camping chances are you are going to have many things that are one-time use only.

This is something that you can easily change in order to reduce your carbon footprint in the world.

Instead of opting for plastic dishes and cups that are thrown away, invest into a reusable set that you can wash.

7. Use Enzyme-Based Tank Cleaners

There are several tank cleaners on the market and most of these are full of so many chemicals that they pollute the groundwater in the area.

Instead of being the reason that pollution happens, switch to a tank cleaner that is enzyme based making it much safer for the environment.

8. Always Keep the RV Maintained

A well-maintained RV is going to use less energy when compared to one that has not maintained and has several problems.

This is why you need to follow the maintenance schedule that your RV manufacturer sets forth.

9. Always Recycle While Traveling

This is a super easy green rule that everyone can utilize. Most campsites these days are going to have locations in which you can put your recyclables.

So, it makes it even easier to do this. While you are on the road, be sure to keep separating your recyclables and deposit these the next time you have a chance.


10. Maximize Your Fuel Efficiency in Your RV

You can take a few steps to maximize your fuel efficiency of the RV which is going to make this even more green.

For example, make sure that the wheels are properly inflated. Also, be sure that you are only packing those things that you need.

Having more weight on the RV can make it use fuel more rapidly.

Also, while driving be sure that you are watching your speed! The faster you go, the more fuel you are going to use.

11. Watch Your Campfire

While camping, you may want to have a campfire. However, you need to do your best to keep it small.

Campfires release toxins into the air, so if you must have one, be sure that it is kept on the smaller side, and you are always keeping a watchful eye on it.

12. Invest in a Composting Toilet

For those who truly want to be green, consider replacing your flush toilet with a compost toilet. You are doing so much to help the environment when you go with this option.

This is a weekend project that you can DIY, or you can purchase these composting toilets to go directly into the RV.

This is one of those tips that may not be best for those who are just starting on the route of going green while RVing.

13. Replace Light Bulbs with LED Light Bulbs

This is a small change that you can make in your RV that is going to be easy to do in a day once you have the LED light bulbs purchased!

LED bulbs may cost more up front, but they are something that will pay for themselves in the long run!

You may find that there are many people who go completely green with their RV.

However, for those who are purchasing RV’s, be sure to find one that is going to be green to begin with.

RV’s that are being manufactured today use lighter materials and are more fuel efficient, which goes a long distance in making you greener!

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