The Scary Truth About National Parks Air Pollution

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One of our favourite things about the outdoors is the clean, crisp air. However the latest EPA ozone air pollution regulations are bringing attention to National Parks air pollution.

Changes to the laws have bumped 26 US National Parks out of compliance. Not great news for the 292 million plus campers who visit National Parks in the United States each year. Because whether you camp in a tent or RV, air pollution is a concern.

Yosemite National Park Air Pollution

Air Quality a Concern For National Parks Service

When confronted about this the National Parks Service’s response has been to place blame on the power plants surrounding the National Parks.

“I’m not talking about car or truck traffic but pollutants that are transported by prevailing winds,” said Jeffrey Olson, chief of education and outreach at the National Park Service. “For example, pollutants from a coal-fired electrical generating station are carried by prevailing winds long distances away from the plant and have an effect on air quality in a National Park or other area downwind from that plant.”

The states scientists are pointing the finger for the National Parks air pollution at car pollution from locals and visitors as well as forest fires.

States Responsible for Air Quality Correction

Regardless of where the blame gets laid the National Parks Services stresses that the states themselves are responsible for adjusting policy to fix the problem.

“States are responsible for implementing the provisions of the Clean Air Act,” Olson said. “They will eventually have to put plans in place to show how they can come into compliance with violations of the ozone standard.”

Coal Power National Parks Air Pollution

Check out the EPA website for more information on the current state ofNational Parks air quality. There you can also see which commercial parks have better air quality.

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