Attention Fishing Lovers: Here Are the Best RV Parks and Campgrounds For Fishing in the USA


Visit These RV Parks Near the Best Fishing Places in the US

Have you always wanted to visit the best fishing places in the US for a relaxing getaway? Just you, your fishing rod, and maybe your significant other or a few of your close friends…

You don’t need to dream about it. The ultimate fishing RV trip is your new reality!

No matter what type of fish you love to catch, there are tons of options you can try to get up close to the best spots.

Pack up your RV and head to one of the top best fishing places in the US for the ultimate relaxation vacation. We’ve done the work for you, so all you need to do is pick, choose, and go. You’re welcome.


Cape Cod Lighthouse. The best fishing spots on the US east coast.

Salty Air, Don’t Care: Massachusetts, Maine, and the East Coast Experience

Experience the relaxed east coast lifestyle on the coast of Massachusetts. Chow down on some fresh seafood, explore the iconic lighthouses, or spend the day taking a boat ride.

Nantucket, Massachusetts: Dubbed “The Original Fishing Town” by Field & Stream Magazine, Nantucket has been a prime location for fishing for over 300 years. Depending on the season, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to catch albacore, bluefish, striped bass, and more.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts: This is one of the best areas in the United States for saltwater fishing. It’s also one of the most picturesque, known for its lighthouses and quaint villages, and it’s extremely historic.

Stay at one of these RV parks for easy access to these amazing fishing opportunities:


Hand on fishing rod. Campsites with fishing are ideal for anglers who RV.

Fishing in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State

The Adirondack Mountains are home to around 3,000 freshwater lakes and rivers teeming with a variety of fish to catch. Warm-water fish are popular in this area, so you can expect to catch species such as bass, perch, walleye, and northern pike.


River in Minnesota. Camping with fishing is easy in the state with thousands of lakes.

Minnesota: Enough Local Fishing Lakes For Everyone

Of course, Minnesota has to be on this list because it is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” after all. The best part about the amount of lakes Minnesota has is that you can fish here all year round- ice fishing is available in the winter in many spots.


Fly fishing in Montana. The best fishing places in America have tons of opportunity.

Trout Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana is known as one of the ideal destinations for fishing enthusiasts in the United States because it’s associated with the origins of fly fishing. In fact, the town of Missoula is known as the birthplace of fly fishing.

If you want to catch some wild trout, this is the place to be.


Sunshine and Fishing Lures: Florida’s Best Campsites With Fishing

The sunny state of Florida is known as a popular RV destination for travelers who head south for the winter. However, its proximity to both oceans and lakes makes it an ideal destination for anglers and fishing enthusiasts as well.

There are plenty of freshwater and saltwater fish here, including snapper, bass, catfish, crappie, snapper, mackerel, and more. However, stay away from the ocean if you’re not an experienced angler because you could end up biting off more than you can chew!


Man holding yellowfin tuna. The best campgrounds for fishing tuna in the Gulf of Mexico.

Catch the Big Tuna in The Gulf of Mexico

Much of the northern Gulf of Mexico contains the best fishing spots if you want to hunt some big yellowfin tuna. Catching tuna is no easy feat, however, so stick to the smaller fish if you want a fully relaxed trip.

Here are some great RV parks and campgrounds that give you close access to the best fishing in the Gulf of Mexico:


Rainbow trout and fishing rod. Campsites with fishing options for trout.

Rainbow Trout and the Rocky Mountain Waters of Colorado

Colorado is home to a ton of different species of fish. According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, there are at least 35 different species in the state’s picturesque lakes, streams, and rivers. Among them is the rainbow trout, the walleye, and catfish.


Canoe by the lake. Camping with fishing is even easier when you have a boat.

Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers in the Golden State: California

Redding, California is known as California’s trout capital, but anywhere in the waters of Northern California will provide you with some great catches. The climate of this area also makes great fishing weather because you can fish all year round.

Be sure to check out McCloud River while you’re here for a local fishing hotspot. For freshwater fishing, you can find trout, bass, catfish, and salmon, among many more. If you’re into saltwater fishing, hit the Pacific Ocean.


Catching Chinook salmon at the best fishing spots in Colorado.

A Northern Salmon Fishing Adventure in Washington

Salmon fishing is big in Washington state, especially the Puget Sound sport fishing area. There are many different types of salmon to be caught, depending on what time of year you visit, including chinook, coho, and pink salmon.

As a bonus, the famous Mount Rainier isn’t far to provide some picturesque views.


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