Top 5 Easy Tin Foil Dinners When Camping

Easy to Make Campfire Meals. Tin foil dinners

Affordable and Rustic: Cooking Tin Foil Dinners Over the Fire

No matter how spectacular the scenery, the time spent around the campfire cooking tin foil dinners is often the highlight of everyone’s camping trip. 

Even though modern camp stoves and specialized cookware have been created, nothing beats the taste of a meal cooked over the campfire.

Plus it’s cheaper!

Making Campfire Meals With Family Is Easy… Just Use Tin Foil!

We all know that hot dogs and s’mores are always a tasty campfire staple, but we’ve got bigger plans for your next family camping trip. These easy tin-foiled treats will have everyone in the family smiling, and, most importantly — full!

Try one or all of our top five easy camping meals using tin foil. 

1) Grilled Foil Pack Cheesy Fries 

Enjoy cheesy goodness in under an hour! Find full instructions on how to make this campfire meal here.

Delicious Tin Foil-Wrapped Cheesy Fries

Tip: Try adding some pepper jack cheese or jalapeno havarti for a spicy kick!

2) Foil Wrapped Salmon With Lemon and Herbs

Yes, you can easily make a gourmet dinner at the campsite. Tin foil is the ultimate secret weapon for campfire meals.

Savoury Salmon in Tin Foil

For this recipe, layer some herbs, lemon and dijon mustard on salmon, wrap it all in tin foil.

All this can be done in 15 minutes!

For more direction on how to make this dish click here.

3) Campfire Breakfast Burritos

Forget the boring bagels and cereal in the morning! We would like to introduce tin foil wrapped breakfast burritos!

Tin Foil-Wrapped Breakfast Burritos

You can have a nice hot breakfast without the time all the hassle. What is great about these breakfast burritos is that they can also be made ahead of time! 

With just a few yummy ingredients and a spot on the fire, you will be done breakfast and enjoying the outdoors in no time. For more information on how to make campfire breakfast burritos see here.

4) Campfire Orange Cinnamon Rolls

Sounds interesting right? Try this tasty treat because eating food out of food is just… better!

Simply hollow out the orange and place a cinnamon roll inside it! The plus side of baking these bad boys is you can munch on the orange pieces you scooped out while they are cooking away!

Sweet 'n' Citrus Tin Foil Orange Cinnamon Rolls

The most important step is to fully wrap the orange with the cinnamon roll inside with tin foil.

Cook for approximately 12 minutes and there you have it; a beautifully orange infused cinnamon bun that everyone will love! For step by step instructions on tin foil wrapped cinnamon rolls, see here.

5) Vegetarian Party Pack

Warning! All the carnivores out there, we promise you’ll love this dish too!  

Because there is nothing better than a grilled veggie mix.

Soft, Crunchy; Sweet, Spicy; Tin Foil Veggies Has It All!

What makes these party packs amazing is their versatility. You can make tons of combinations with different vegetables, and even add meat to those who want a little protein!

Wrapping your party pack in foil acts as a vessel for cooking but also keeps your vegetables fresh!

Tip: An easy way of putting your ultimate veggie pack together is thinking about what you like to eat on your kabobs!

Check out the recipe we’ve created for you to make on your next camping trip in under 30 minutes!

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