Top 7 Gifts For Campers

Night time at a camp site. Best Gifts For Campers.

These Are The Top 7 Best Gifts For Campers

In order to buy the perfect gift for a friend or family member that loves camping and the outdoors, there is a certain degree to which you have to understand the equipment or else you might spend a substantial amount of money on something they cannot use.

Remember, with camping comes hiking. Keeping this in mind will broaden your spectrum of ideas and help you think outside of the tent, uh, box.

1. Hydro Flask

Why a Hydro Flask as opposed to a normal flask or water bottles? Simple. Plastic water bottles can become toxic after a long period of use and then have to be replaced with new ones that will also need to be replaced, eventually.

Though they might not be that expensive to buy every few years, it all adds up and you end up spending thousands on water bottles before you know it.

In addition to plastic water bottles needing to be replaced, they also don’t do well with hot drinks like coffee. The plastic will either melt or let all of the heat out within minutes.

There is nothing wrong with the standard flask that everyone has been using for years when going hiking and camping but those too need to be replaced after a while due to rust and general damage.

These camping flasks are substantially more expensive than your average plastic water bottle and can be rather inconvenient, financially, to replace.

The Hydro Flask trumps all of these as it has a double wall body for better temperature insulation; it also ensures that there is absolutely no leakage into your bag and the rest of your equipment.

The vacuum seal lid also prevents any possibility of leaking. The Hydro Flask is so durable that it has a lifetime warranty, making this a gift your loved one can keep forever.  

2. Kid’s Camping Journals

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your or a friend’s little one, colourful camping journals can be great fun when going outdoors into a new environment. 

This will allow them to feel like they are taking part in outdoor activities in their own way, it will also encourage them to want to learn about things in nature when they can write it down or draw what they see.

Camping journals will also help them practice their drawing and writing skills without it feeling too obligatory, but creative instead.

Empty campsite. Best Gifts For Campers.

3. Coleman 6-Person Tent

The Coleman 6-Person Tent is the ultimate gift for family friends who enjoy weekends away with their family.

This amazing tent has enough space for 2 two Queen sized air mattresses, WeatherTec system, and inverted seams to make sure the tent stays extra dry during harsh weather.

The biggest perk about a 6-person tent is the fact that it is less luggage on their hike – it is better to carry around one tent than two or three for the whole family.

4. Inflatable Lounger

The great thing about this is that it is called a lounger, but it has so many different uses that it can free up so much space in your hiking kit. It can be used as/for:

  • An airbed in your tent.
  • An inflatable couch that you can put outside at night to look at the stars or sit by the campfire (just not too close).
  • You can use it as a floaty if you are camping near a river or a lake.
  • Depending on the size you can use it as a sofa for many people to sit on at once.
  • If you keep it deflated it can be used as a warm, soft picnic blanket.
  • Another great way to use it while it is deflated is to turn it into a hammock.

This Inflatable Lounger is a massive space saving gift that is perfect for anyone who loves camping and the outdoors as it folds up to a small pack with a single shoulder strap. It is also extremely durable and can hold up to 220kg without ripping or deflating.


5. Pop-Up Privacy Tent

When camping in the forest or the mountains, relieving yourself can be a bit challenging, especially if you are camping with friends or family instead of by yourself.

The Pop-Up Privacy Tent is a small, one person-sized tent that will give you total privacy while you do your business.

It has a durable mosquito net that is also water repellent but light enough to allow proper airflow and light to come in.

This is a gift that is perfect for the whole family and can be easily folded into a backpack or hiking kit, making it almost invisible to packing space.

In addition to all of this, it has a top cover as well, for the mosquito netting, in case the weather takes a turn for the worst or you have to leave your tent in the rain and don’t want to get your warm clothes wet.

6. Sawyer Mini Water Filter

This may be one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can buy a friend or loved one who lives for hiking and camping. As we know, one of the biggest issues about camping is not knowing whether the water is safe to drink or not.

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter completely takes care of that and will allow your loved one to be able to drink straight from any natural water source. It is made with a 0.1-micron filter that literally removes 99.999% of bacteria like E.coli, cholera, and salmonella. 

You can also use this mini-filter to filter water from natural water sources into water bottles or flasks with the same amount of ease. Needless to say, this can be used at home as much as it can be in the great outdoors so it is a highly recommended gift option. 


7. Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Not being able to see where you are going when hiking through the woods to find a spot to do your business or, even worse, a campsite at night can be one of the most dangerous aspects of camping, in general.

You may accidentally step wrong or not see something dangerous like a snake or spider in the tree in front of you.

These are real dangers campers face so when it comes to loved ones, you can’t be too careful. The Black Diamond Spot Headlamp is an amazing gift for anyone who loves camping and is daring enough to go hiking at night.

Don’t get it wrong, this headlamp is not strictly for those who want to go hiking at night – it is also perfect for seeing what you are doing outside of your tent when cooking or making campfire sweets.

This tough built headlamp is water-resistant so it can be used in any sort of weather and shines at 200 lumens, making any pathway a safe one to walk at night.

It also comes with a red night vision mode that may be slightly easier on the eyes when hiking or camping with friends or family that might accidentally look directly into it when looking around them for any dangers.

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