Top Places to Camp In Florida: Your Next Dream Vacation

Top 4 Campsites in Florida You Need To Visit

Why Your Winter Vacations Suck

You’re probably wondering why each and every year you plan a winter vacation to an all inclusive resort in some hot destination when each time it’s the same old boring trip- Tanning, Drinking, and excursions.

I’m sure you’re bored of the same old vacation each and every winter. Instead of wasting money on generic resort trips, we challenge you to try camping. or rather, glamping. 

What is Glamping you may ask? 

Glamping is a portmanteau of the words Camping and Glamour. It describes a luxurious style of camping that includes many amenities not usually included with camping. 

For more information on Glamping check out- Glamping: Everything You Wanted To Know

Top Places To Camp In Florida

We all know Florida is one of the best places to go camping. The weather is always above 68 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re surrounded by beaches, and there is tons of places to explore.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a vacation in the great outdoors? Haul your RV and camping gear up to Florida and enjoy a beautiful vacation with your friends and family.

Top 4 Camping Sites in Florida

Here’s a list of the top 4 campsites in Florida you should be sure to visit.

1. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park Florida

The Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is located at 500 Wonderwood Dr., Jacksonville, Florida. It has over 500 acres of old Coastal Hammock forest with over 20 miles of hiking and mountain bike trails! This is great for the adventurous family who wants to get out of the standard traditional camping to exploring and sightseeing.

The park also includes 1.5 miles of Atlantic ocean beaches with 7 crosswalks great for surfing, fishing or just enjoying the hot white sand. The Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park also includes kayaking, canoeing, and pedal boating.

If you’re not in the mood for exercising you can take advantage of the boat rentals provided all week long.

This Campground has over 300 campsites to choose from so you won’t have a problem with finding the perfect one. If you’re in the mood to feel the ‘real back to nature’ experience then the Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is the right campground for you.

2. Jetty Park

Jetty Park Florida

The Jetty Park is located at 9035 Campground Circle. Cape Canaveral, Florida. It is an oasis right on the ocean where guests from all over the world can come share a unique and once in a lifetime experience.

While sitting at your full hookup, newly improved semi rustic campsite you may experience things you are not used to while camping traditionally.

You may witness some cruise ships passing, submarines arriving/ departing, even rockets being launched from the Canaveral Air Force Station.

If this doesn’t excite you for your next upcoming camping trip, I don’t know what will.

3. Cypress Campground and RV Park

Cypress Campground and RV Park Florida

The Cypress Campground and RV Park is located at 7400 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven, Florida. The Campground has a total of 191 RV sites with 120 Pull thru sites. Many of those are also “Big Rig” friendly.

This is perfect for those Glamping type families who want spacious room at their site for games, cooking, etc.

The site is full of amenities providing activities all year around to seniors but still providing a family friendly balance of campers and RVers.

The Amenities include basketball courts, horseshoes, billiards, large heated swimming pool, shuffleboard, bocce ball, outdoor giant chess, and the ability to walk, jog or bike all over the campground.

These are helpful in keeping the children busy while you have more time to relax and enjoy your vacation.Campsites Generally include full hook-ups to sewer, water, and electric. Wi-Fi is also included with 70 cable channels to browse on a rainy day.

Enjoy your next camping trip at Cypress Campground and RV park and you’ll never want to camp anywhere else again.  

4. Navarre Beach Campground

Navarre Beach Campground Florida

The Navarre Beach Campground is located at 9201 Navarre Parkway, Navarre, Florida. It is definitely one of the ideal places for your next Gulf Coast visit. Enjoy your next camping trip with beachfront facilities in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Navarre Beach Campground has an assortment of sites and cabins that are sure to meet your needs. Whether you need full service and a furnished patio off of your RV, or just a simple site with a washroom near by. We’ve got you covered.

Navarre is located conveniently by beautiful white sandy beaches and emerald coloured water. You can also enjoy their private beach on the Santa Rosa Sound, relax in the hot tub, or even cool off in their outdoor pool.

They also have exercise rooms, along with billiards and a games room. If you’re up for some nature, go out and enjoy a day on the water catching some fish.

Just minutes from the gulf allows you to enjoy the beautiful beaches and restaurants along the coast. Where everyone in the family always has something to do. The whole family will love the Navarre Beach Campground.

Florida Camping with the Kids

Now that we’ve covered all the bases of telling you about the top 4 camping sites in Florida, Let’s move on to letting you know some simple tips on camping with the kids.

Camping With Kids

1. Keep it simple. Take them for nature walks around water. It’s awesome for them to learn about different types of trees, soils, and water.

DO NOT FORGET FIREWOOD! Kids love campfires including tasty marshmallows and spider-dogs. Check out The Best Ideas For Halloween Camping with Kids to learn more about easy camping recipes.

Try to enjoy only bringing what you absolutely need and improvise for the rest.

2. Try and experience as many outdoor activities as you can. This allows children to grow out of fears they may experience with nature. Kids may hate when you give them chores at home but camping is different. They love hammering in stakes of a tent, filling up water containers, and collecting firewood. Give them the responsibility to do this on their own as it will help them grow.

Visit the local nature center and teach them all about different animals that live in the forests that surrounds them. Take them on some picnics and go fishing at a local stream or pond. There is endless outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy.

3. Create memories. Always bring your camera with extra batteries. You never want to miss a memory to share in later years. Buy a disposable camera for each child to take pictures of anything they’d like (make sure to get them printed when finished).

Capturing moments with a video camera is also a great idea to share your amazing time at the campground. Last but not least save all the crafts your children made while being away for the weekend camping at their favorite campground.

After covering all the bases on the top camping sites in Florida and some tips on camping with the kids, you should feel more at ease to go camping this year rather than wasting your time at a resort.

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