The Ultimate Guide To Buying An RV

RV travelling through scenic landscape

So you’re considering buying an RV?

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to hitting the roads and planning your adventurous vacation!

The RV buying process can seem overwhelming due to the vast amount of different types, price ranges, functionality and features.

But, we’re here to help you! We want to make this process as simple as possible for you so that you can start exploring as soon as possible!

We’ve created the ultimate guide to help you determine what RV is best suited to your lifestyle and within your price range.

Different types of RVs

The Big 3

Before we divulge deeper into the various branch off types of RV’s , it’s important to understand the top 3 overarching categories.

Each of these top categories have subcategories of RV’s that fall withunder. But, don’t let this information overwhelm you. During the RV buying process, you get to be as specific as you like to ensure you are getting the best model for your lifestyle. 

  • Motorhomes

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The name suggests the major differentiating factor, being that these vehicles have a motor and don’t require a vehicle to tow.

Motorhome RV

  • Trailers

This category of RV’s are defined as motorless home that are towed behind a truck.

Trailer RV

  • Campers

These are more casual and lightweight living spaces that too, require a truck for towing purposes.

Camper RV

Find What RV Type Is Best For You

Now let’s get specific into the different models that fall under the big headers. We’ve divided each type into a general description, the cost and the lifestyle it’s meant for.

Class “A” Motorhomes


This is the classic motorhome and provides the largest option. They also have the largest motors and are more spacious. Class A’s typically sleep 5 people and a traditional style comes equipped with a king size bed, pull out couch, dinette kitchen piece (pulls into a bed aswell), a kitchen and a washroom.  Depending on your budget, class A’s also offer the most deluxe feature, including the option of a diesel engine.

Interesting Fact- All RV’s built within the past years come with a flat screen TV!

Cost: $70K-$1M+

Who’s It For: Larger families, those planning on using this RV as their main living space.

Class A Motorhome RV in front of scenic landscape

Class “B” Motorhomes


This is your smallest, more compact of the motorhome options. These are typically luxury vehicles because they’re built on Mercedes base frames, meaning long lasting diesel engines.

The living layout of class B’s are more trendy like a studio apartment. They traditionally have a king/queen bed opened up to the kitchen and living room space, with an enclosed smaller bathroom.

Cost: $40K-$125K

Who’s It For: 2+ people looking for a more compact space, with still the necessary amenities. Offers a more fast paced travel.

Class B Motorhome RV in desert scene

Class “C” Motorhomes


This motorhome design offers a loft space above the cab, which typically features a bed or storage space. Class C’s are often shorter and and smaller than class A’s. You can also expect less or much smaller features inside.

Cost: $50K-$120K

Who’s It For: 3+, best for fast or moderate-paced travel, regardless of gas mileage.

Class C Motorhome RV driving

Fifth Wheel Trailers


This model is the fanciest of the trailer options. The fifth wheel design is very spacious and even has different staired levels, since the hood of the trailer sits on the bed of the truck. The interior of this design best simulates a functional living space because it includes a fake fireplace, a couch, possibly a second couch or two recliners, two A/C units, a kitchen table with four chairs, an island, and a fully stocked kitchen.

Cost: $25K-$100K

Who’s It For: Sleeps up to 8, great for families looking for a more cost-effective alternative to motorhomes. Must have a truck for towing purposes.

Fifth Wheel Trailer RV hooked up to pickup truck

Travel Trailers


This is the least expensive option for RVs and is known as the classic pull-behind trailer. These trailers are much shorter and smaller than fifth wheels are.

Cost: $12K-$45K

Who’s It For: Can sleep up to 8, depending on the model. Also a great family option. Designed for a slower pace of travel (compared to motorhomes). Also, it’s important to note that all of your travel will be in your truck, as opposed to motorhomes as fell.

Travel Trailer RV hooked up to truck driving

Truck Campers


Truck campers are the most compact length option for full-time travel, as the whole frame sits on the bed of your truck. Amenities include a small kitchen, a dining room table that can double as a guest bed, a wet bath. If your not familiar with what a wet bath is, it’s a small compartment that hosts your toilet, sink and shower.

Cost: $15K-$45K

Who’s It For: Sleeps 2-3. If you don’t mind close quarters then this option is perfect for you. Because of its compact design it also allows for faster paced travel.

Truck Camper RV parked at campsite

Pop Up Campers


This camper option is the most lightweight and easiest to tow. There is no bathroom or shower, making this more of a weekend travel option.

Cost: $10K-$25K

Who’s It For: Sleep 1-2, designed for weekend getaways. Not overly ideal for different climates, unless you prefer the real wilderness experience. This is also an inexpensive way to test out the RV world without fully committing.

Family standing in front of the pop up camper RV

Teardrop Campers


This is another lightweight, inexpensive option that is designed for weekend travelers, not full time campers. This camper trend has been increasing in popularity due to its retro aesthetic. Teardrop campers will also have less amenities than trailers. 

Cost: $12K-$25K

Who’s It For: Sleeps 1-2 people, designed for weekend travellers.

Teardrop camper parked at campsite in front of lake

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