We Can’t Get Enough of These Delicious Campfire Pizza Recipes

Our Favourite Campfire Pizza Recipes

Think back to the last time that you went camping…what did you have to eat?

Did you make traditional hamburgers and hot dogs? Maybe had a few sandwiches, some smores, and other snack food?

In most cases, that is what people are eating.

However, imagine what it would be like to camp and have some of your favorite foods…even those comfort foods that you may not eat that much.

There is no better comfort food than pizza. And better yet, pizza is one of those foods that seems to be universally loved by everyone!

How does one go about making pizza while camping? For those in an RV, they often have small ovens that will do the job for them.

However, that does not mean that those who go with tent camping cannot enjoy a hot and delicious pizza. And there are tons of ways that you can do this!


How to Make Pizza while Camping

If you are looking for ways that you can make pizza while camping, there is no one specific recipe. Why is this?

Throughout the history of camping, people have been making their food with whatever they have on hand. And this includes pizza!

Here are some of the main ways that pizza is being made while camping.

1. Charcoal Grill Grate

This is one of the best ways that you can make pizza and is probably the one that most people are going to use.

All it requires is a charcoal grill grate and you simply put this over the hot coals to cook. Tip: Be sure that you put it on one side and then the other to get the best results.

2. Dutch Oven

With a Dutch oven, you place the pizza into the bottom of the pan. You then hang it over the coals and place coals around the lid as well to cook it from both directions.

It is another common method that people use while camping.

3. Cast Iron Pan with Foil

This method is much similar to the Dutch oven with the benefit of being lighter…which is great for those who may be hiking to their camping destination.

Simply place the cast iron pan on the grill or the fire, and cover it with foil to cook.

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4. Foil with the Open Fire

For those who may not have any pans or pots to cook in. You can wrap the pizza with aluminum foil and then cook it on the open fire or over a grate.

5. Upside Down Camp Stove

This requires little to no equipment at all, making it a great meal for those who are backpacking with everything on their backs. With this method, you put the toppings on first, followed by the sauce, and then the crust, then place it on the fire or grill and cook.

Campfire Pizza Recipes to Try

For those who are ready to make pizza on their next camping trip, they are going to find that these recipes are a great place to start!

Campfire Pizza Log

This is a great recipe for those who are camping with kids…as they will love this!


Canned pizza dough

Pizza sauce

Mozzarella cheese

Toppings of choice

Dried Italian seasoning

Pinch of salt and pepper


Roll out the pizza dough to make a rectangle. Spread the pizza sauce on the top, put your cheese and toppings and sprinkle with the Italian seasoning.

Roll it up to form a log and tuck the edges in. Wrap this with foil and put this onto the hot grill.

You will need to cook this around 15 minutes, flip and then cook an additional 15 minutes

Pizza being cooked on grill over fire

Campfire Pizza Nachos

Are you looking for that pizza taste without the issue of having to deal with the crust?

If so, this is the recipe for you!


Nacho chips

Pizza sauce




Place the nachos in a Dutch oven or another container, cover with a bit of sauce and then place the cheese and the toppings on the chips. Heat this on the first just enough to heat the cheese and then enjoy!

Campfire Pizza Pockets

Who doesn’t love food that everyone can simply grab and enjoy? These are a great option for those who have kids camping with them!


1 pre-made refrigerated pizza crust

½ cup of spaghetti sauce

1 cup of shredded cheese

16 slices of pepperoni or other toppings


Cut the pizza crust into squares (make sure that you have an even number), then layer the cheese and toppings along with the sauce onto each square.

Once the toppings have been added, take one slice of the dough and place this onto the other. Press the dough to stick these together.

Then place it into the pie pan or Dutch oven with a little oil to ensure that it does not stick. Cook them for around 3 minutes per side.

Tip: Use a pie pan to make it easier as it has a top and bottom so you can simply flip this cooking utensil while on the grill or in the fire.

Pizza Bagels

For an easy pizza that everyone can help with making…this is the recipe for you!


Bagels that are sliced through

Mozzarella cheese slices

Toppings like pepperoni

Pizza sauce


Slice the bagel and then place the pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings on the top. Place it into a hot pan and let the cheese melt.

You can press both sides of the bagel together to form a super pizza bagel or leave the toppings showing to make more traditional pizza bagels.

Campfire Pizza Cones

These are a great recipe for those who want something simple that tastes amazing. What makes this even more fun is that kids often love them!




Pizza Sauce

Shredded Cheese

Tin Foil for Cooking



Wrap the tortilla into a cone shape. Take the toothpick and put this into the tortilla so that it holds its shape.

Place the pepperoni into the bottom of the tortilla first to ensure that the sauce and cheese stay in place. Then place a layer of cheese, following by the sauce.

Put more cheese on the top so that this seals in the delicious sauce. Wrap it in foil.

Then cook it for around 5 to 7 minutes depending upon how hot the fire is.

Which pizza recipe will you try the next time you go camping?

Any of these recipes would be a great option and when combined with the cooking methods, you can find a method that works best for you.

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