Common Camping Rules for Newbies

What Are The Rules For Camping?

What Are The Rules For Camping?

Camping is a great adventure and it is something that tons of people love doing all year round. However, for many people, they had to go into this without much knowledge.

They were not aware of the various unspoken rules that are out there when you go camping.

Not knowing these rules can be a huge headache for those who may be camping alongside your site and it can make what was supposed to be a fun camping trip something that is stressful, embarrassing and something that you never repeat again.

Through doing your homework, you can learn these unwritten camping rules so that you can make the camping experience better for everyone!


Camping Etiquette Rules to Follow

There are several etiquette rules that you are going to want to follow. These include:

  • Respect the land that you are camping on. Note any signs that may tell you what you should and should not do and be sure to follow these posted rules.
  • Be sure to dispose of your pet’s waste properly and obey the leash laws that may be in the area that you are camping.
  • Don’t burn a campfire if there is a burn ban in effect for where you are camping.
  • Only set up your tent in established spaces so that you are not affecting the wildlife as much.
  • Do not play music too loudly or be too rowdy at your campsite. Remember, there are other people that are around, and they may not be ready to stay up all night and party.
  • Be sure that you dispose of the trash that you have properly. Bring your own trash bags and use the provided bins to put trash up. If there are no trash bins, then this needs to come home with you to dispose of this. Never bury your trash or try to burn this in your campfire!
  • Use the facilities properly, meaning that you should not clog up the bathroom sinks to wash dishes from your meal. There are others in the area, so use the facilities as they were meant to be used.
  • Try to avoid setting up your camp too close to those who are around you, be mindful of their space.
  • Be sure that you are observing quiet times that are posted at the campsite. No one wants to be camping next to that person who is blaring their music.
  • Do not walk through someone else’s campsite. While you may find that you could go straight through and get to your location easier…it is rude to just walk through someone else’s site.
  • If using the shower and bathroom facilities…treat this as you would your own home. Remember to flush, wipe out the sinks after brushing your teeth and the like. You are sharing this with others that are camping, so be respectful.

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For those who are camping for the first time, one of the golden rules to remember is that you want to leave the campsite in better shape than it was when you arrived. This is the best etiquette rule to remember!

Camping Safety Rules to Remember

There are also several safety rules that you are going to want to remember while camping.

While many people would think that basic safety rules would apply, there may be some that as newbies, you are not aware of. These include:

  • Do not feed animals. It can be tempting to feed these animals, but this is causing them the danger and can be dangerous to you as well.
  • Keep your pets on a leash, as you want to ensure that they are just as safe as you are while camping.
  • Be sure to avoid trails at night, as this could be something that leads to an accident, especially if you are new to camping!
  • A flashlight is a must have at night so that you are visible while you are out and about!
  • Have water or a fire extinguisher present when you are dealing with a campfire, if this is allowed.
  • Watch while driving around the campsites, remember there are pets and kids that are camping here, and you do not want to be responsible for an accident. Watch for posted speed limits and stay at these or below!
  • Avoid having glass bottles around your campsite, as these can cause numerous dangers. For example, exploding if they are left near the fire, breaking and glass could cut those around you and the like.
  • Never leave a fire unattended! This is one of the biggest safety concerns that is at most campgrounds and it is one of the reasons that so many campgrounds have such strict regulations on when and where you can have a fire.

Always pay attention to any posted signs and follow the directions on these completely. Remember, these rules are there to keep your camping trip safe and fun!

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RV Camping Rules to Remember

For those who are camping in an RV, they are going to find that there are some rules that need to be followed, along with some tips to help you stay friendly and conscious of your RV neighbors:

  • If there are tons of spots open at the campground, don’t park next to someone that you don’t know. You don’t want someone to feel as though you are getting into their personal space.
  • Try to avoid leaving the outside lights of your RV on all night, as this could be bothering those who are camped out nearby.
  • Minimize your noise if you are pulling into the RV spot at night after the campground has hit quiet hours.
  • Take the time to introduce yourself to your RV neighbors. This does not mean that you have to become best friends with them, but it is just one way to make everyone more comfortable and is considered the polite thing to do.
  • Only empty your tanks at designated locations…doing so elsewhere can be seen as pollution.
  • If you are using a generator, be sure not to use this when it is going to disrupt those around you…this is one of the biggest pet peeves that RV campers often have.

Treat those around you, the same way that you would want to be treated. If you would like a few spaces between RV’s then be courteous enough to do this.

If everyone would use their own judgment, they will find that this will make camping much more fun!

For those who are new to the world of camping, they are going to find that camping can be tons of fun. And you are going to meet new and interesting people and possibly make some great friends.

For those who follow these etiquette and safety rules, they are going to find it even easier to make a great impression!

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