Where To Go Camping in Texas? We Have Your Top 5 RV & Campsites

Where to go camping in Texas. BookYourSite.

Where to go camping in Texas?

Texas is known for its rugged beauty and its ability to blend both country and cosmopolitan vibes together. It is a charming state that many travelers grow to love and We’re going to give you the best list of where to go camping in Texas.

Despite all the touristy options available, a true Texan knows that you can only gain the full Texas experience by becoming one with the wilderness. So, be ready to grab your tents and explore all that Texas has to offer! 

Here’s our list of top 5 places to go RV’ing and camping in Texas!

5 Must-Camp Places in Texas

1. Big Bend National Park

Go Camping at Big Bend National Park. Where to go camping in Texas. in Texas. BookYourSite. United States

Located in Far West Texas – this park is like no other. Big Bend offers a fully isolated adventure paired up with high points at 8,000 feet.

Big Bend is considered home to 4,000 species (animals and insects), along with fossilized dinosaur bones. The natural beauty of this park ensures that travelers alike will be sure to see the best of views.

Picture this: a night sky as dark as coal, cacti blooming in the sun, kayaking the Rio Grande along St Elena and Mariscal Canyons – doesn’t that sound glorious?

2. Big Thicket National Preserve

Must-Camp Destination in Texas is the Big Thicket National Preserve

Located in Southeast Texas – variety is key at Big Thicket National Preserve. This specific park encourages travelers to hike, canoe, bike and/or horseback as it offers plenty of space to do so! 

Big Thicket is 112,500 acres – this includes land and water that cover multiple counties inside the park. This place is ideal for anyone seeking discovery, adventure, and want to truly become one with mother nature.

3. Colorado Bend State Park 

Texas' Colorado Bend State Park. BookYourSite.

Located West of Austin, the Colorado Bend is highly recommended for any outdoor enthusiast.

Colorado Bend makes sure that travelers experience the best of the best adventure by offering mountain biking, hiking, camping, caving, fishing swimming, paddling, wildlife viewing, and even guided tours. 

One of the main highlights of the Colorado Bend is the Gorman Falls – a 65 foot waterfall that runs all year long. Not interested in waterfalls? No problem! The Colorado Bend offers several intense mountain biking, swimming holes, and incredible cave tours too!

4. Padre Island National Seashore

Beach camping at Texas' Padre Island National Seashore. BookYourSite

Looking for a unique camping experience? Looks like the Padre Island might be your best bet when camping in Texas!

Imagine camping along the Gulf Coast – surrounded by sand and the sea! This place is perfect for any beach-loving camper out there. The Padre Island has become home to roughly 380 bird species and sea turtles.

Expect to witness newborn sea turtles take to the ocean for the first time and a pod of pelicans when camping here!

5. Davis Mountains State Park

View from Camping at Davis Mountains State Park in Texas. BookYourSite

Located in West Texas – Davis Mountains State Park definitely offers a true Texan experience. Campers, hikers, and backpackers are welcomed, along with Horses too!

This historic park allows horses and their owners to create a memorable experience with trails rising up to 5, 700 feet. Don’t have a horse friend? Not a problem, the Davis Mountains has much more to offer you!

This park also offers camping, stargazing, mountain biking, tours, and bird watching! Here, campers of all kind can enjoy what mother nature has to bring to the table.

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