Winter Camping with Kids: 9 of Our Favorite Activities

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9 Activities That Will Make Winter Camping with Kids a Breeze

Winter camping with kids can be challenging. The same activities you used to once do in the warmth of the summer are no longer available to do in the winter. But not to worry, with these winter camping activities, you’ll have no problem keeping the kids entertained.

Winter Camping Games

One of the best ways to keep the kids busy when winter camping is to play games. Here are some of our favorite games to play.

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Tug of War

1. Tug of War

Have you ever tried playing Tug of War in the snow? Not only is it fun, but it’s a lot more challenging with the slipping and sliding around. Best of all it’s simple and only requires a rope.

Flatten out a trench in the snow to serve as a middle line and the first team to pull the other team over the line wins.

Winter Camping with Kids, BookYourSite

Scavenger Hunt

2. Scavenger Hunt

Use food coloring to dye ice cubes fun colours and make a game out of it by hiding the ice cubes around the campsite and having the kids try and find them. Take turns having the kids do the hiding and keep them entertained for a long time.

Winter Camping with Kids, BookYourSite

Snow Graffiti

3. Snow Graffiti

Think of the endless possibilities of snow graffiti. Challenge the kids to a game of tic-tac-toe, draw a picture in the snow, or add fun designs to your snowmen. All this requires is a spray bottle filled with water and food colouring. Simple, but yet hours of entertainment which is perfect for the campsite.


Winter Camping Crafts for Kids

When going winter camping with kids, another type of activity that’s always a hit is crafts. From snow globes to bird feeders, here are some of our favorite crafts for kids.

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Snow Globe

4. Snow Globes

Bring old mason jars and Dollar store toys to the campground the next time you go winter camping and this craft is super easy.

Use strong glue to attach plastic toys to the inside of your mason jar lids. Fill the jars with baby oil and glitter, and you’ve got yourself a snow globe that will keep the kids entertained. Best of all it’s a great keep sake the kids will be proud of.

Winter Camping with Kids, BookYourSite

Bird Feeder

5. Bird Feeder

The best part of this craft is the snack you get to have with it. Hollow out an orange and eat the insides. Fill the orange peel with birdseed and use twigs and some string to hang the oranges on the tree. You’ll have lots of fun watching as the birds come to use your bird feeder.


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Icy Suncatcher

6. Icy Sun Catcher

Make an icy sun catcher by gathering materials like berries, pone cones, and pine tree trimmings. Stick your ingredients in a tin of any shape, the more unique the better. Fill the tin with water and add a loop of rope to hang it on a tree. Freeze over night and hang on a tree.

To make it even more kid-friendly, feel free to use other materials you might have lying around in your home like buttons, marbles, beads, or even glitter.


Winter Camping Recipes

A camp trip just wouldn’t be complete without fun recipes. These are just a few of our favorite recipes when winter camping with kids.

Winter Camping with Kids, BookYourSite

Banana Boats

7. Banana Boats

Peel a banana on one side and stuff in marshmallows and chocolate chips. Close up the banana peel, wrap in tinfoil and roast on the campfire. Simple and delicious!


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S’mores Cones

8. Campfire S’mores Cones

Grab some sugar cones and stuff marshmallows and chocolate chips inside. Wrap the cone in tinfoil and roast on the campfire.

If you want to try something different use regular cones and stuff with marinara sauce, pepperoni, cheese and bacon bits for a pizza treat.

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Spider Hotdogs

9. Spider Hotdogs

Put a twist on a fun campfire favourite by cutting two slits on either end of your hotdogs. Roast on a stick over the campfire and watch as your hotdogs suddenly grow legs and become spider dogs.


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